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Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Finger-Scanners

One of the most popular types of time and attendance system available is the kind that can be operated using a biometric finger scanner terminal. These systems can collect data from the fingerprints of your company’s employees and then utilise that data as a unique code to allow that individual to clock in or out of their workplace, or to access certain areas of their company’s premises – simply by touching a screen. Below, ELF Productivity Limited – specialises in time and attendance systems – explain the pros and cons of this system and what do do if you wish to implement it within your own place of work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Finger-Scanners


Disadvantages of Biometric Finger-Scanners



The only real problem that some companies find with a time and attendance system occurs if only one terminal has been installed. While many firms hire staff that work on a flexible basis, or undertake shift based work, a great many businesses still have employees that are on site for the typical nine to five. That means that multiple individuals will wish to clock in or out at the same time, and this can create a backlog. It’s important to consider this issue if your company regularly has multiple people clocking in and out at the same time, and perhaps opt for more than one finger scanning terminal. Another option is to use a proximity clocking terminal, which is able to process large numbers of individuals at the same time.

Concerns About Data


An interesting issue surrounding fingerprint scanners is the general public’s fear of “Big Brother” – the idea that our data and information is being pried into and utilized by large companies and corporations. For this reason, many people express concern about using a fingerprint scanner and suspicion surrounding the information that it retains. These worries are unfounded however, as you’ll see in the first of our advantages…


Advantages of Biometric Finger-Scanners


Security (Company-Wide and Personal)


One of the main motivations for implementing a time and attendance system is security, and biometric finger scanners provide a superb means of keeping track of who is in the building and who is not. While key codes and swipe cards can be passed between staff members, there is no way of one employee replicating the information collected from another’s fingerprint.

We’ll now quickly refer back to something mentioned in the “Disadvantages” section; namely, the element of unease that some people feel about time and attendance systems “storing” their data. In actual fact, no element of an individual’s fingerprint is retained. When an employee first joins the company or has to register on a new biometric finger scanner, certain coordinates are plotted according to the structure of their fingerprint. The original print is then wiped from the system to ensure personal security and data protection. All that is left is a code that relates to the coordinates that were taken.

Real Time Updates


While you can use time and attendance software to automatically collate and pull reports, the information that is recorded by the biometric finger scanning system doesn’t require any downloading or transferring whatsoever. Everything updates in real time, which means that the system updates every time a new clocking-in occurs. There is no slow transfer of data – all the information pops up straight away.

Site-based Versatility


Biometric finger scanners work in all kinds of environment. It’s easy to convince yourself that they’d be more at home in a spotless office than in a workshop full of sawdust, but that simply isn’t the case. Of course, the reader lens needs to be wiped occasionally to allow it to continue scanning, but these terminals are very tough and can withstand most environments. We recommend avoiding extreme cold (freezers, for example), as the cold can cause conductivity issues, but otherwise you’re able to place your scanners anywhere you wish!

If you’re interested in finding out more about biometric finger scanners or time and attendance systems in general, simply get in touch with ELF Productivity Limited today on 01257 256000 or email sales@elf.uk.com, and their helpful team will be more than happy to assist you and to answer any questions you may have. Opting for a time and attendance system in your workplace reduces the time and effort spent on management administration and HR paperwork considerably so that you can have much more time at your disposal to develop your company and its products as well as attending to the job satisfaction and general progression of your staff and colleagues.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Finger-Scanners

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