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Are You Allowing A Toxic Culture Into Your Workplace?


Let’s be honest, we have all experienced a difficult co-worker or manager at some time in our working lives. This is nothing new in the workplace but sadly, as a recent Harvard Business Study uncovered, bullying and incivility is not something that your company can afford to ignore.

The business study, which was undertaken by 60,000 employees, highlighted the true financial cost to businesses on the shop floor that employed people with a partiality to, but not exclusively, the following :-

• Vulgarity
• Lack of respect
• Lack of manners
• Discourteousness
• Coarseness
• Impoliteness
• Rudeness

The study also highlighted that by allowing such individuals to remain in the company over a long period of time, had a detrimental effect on the retention of other key members of staff.

The statistics below make for grim reading, as staff retention is crucial to any forward thinking company.

• 38% Intentionally decreased their work output
• 25% Took their frustrations out on their clients
• 12% Left their jobs altogether

The hiring process doesn’t always come easy for management, especially if they are lacking in the people-skills department themselves. Managers may be good at running a business or a department in terms of work, but from time to time they can fail to pick up on certain attributes that a person displays during the recruitment process. By missing these characteristics, individuals can and often do, “slip through the net”.

And as we all know, everyone can look good on paper!

Let’s take a look at the 5 main prime antagonists that may rear their “ugly heads” in the workplace as uncovered by the business study.

1. The Slacker
2. The Bully
3. The Gossip
4. The Lone Wolf
5. The Know it All

As you will see from the list, Human Resource Departments can do without the burden of this particular type of employee – in any situation.

So what can be done to highlight and more so bring to task this certain individual? What can management and in particular Human Resource Departments do, to end this negative cycle within the workplace?

ELF Productivity Limited’s CEEQUEL® software is the essential Time Management suite that you need.

ELF’s Time and Attendance system will allow you to uncover the real reason behind the downturn in productivity. Whether you need to supervise “The Slacker” on the shop floor or call time on “The Gossip” in the office, CEEQUEL® and our Shop Floor Data Capture and Human Resources modules will provide everything you require and necessitate for your workforce.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture does exactly what it says on the tin, it is employee tracking at its very best. A component of the CEEQUEL® Time and Attendance software suite, Shop Floor Data Capture not only calculates employees working hours, it also tracks activities and jobs over a specified time; thus highlighting that “shirker” and “gossip-monger” on the shop floor. Another benefit this module provides is the Incentive Scheme Calculation. This calculation is particularly popular within the manufacturing sector as it converts operator performance into performance related pay.

Human Resource Management

CEEQUEL® Human Resource Management solution is an all-encompassing, fully comprehensive HR module that will completely transform your personnel requirements. With views such as appraisals, discipline and grievance procedures, it provides the necessary instruments needed to deal with your day to day management workload. This module provides you with the software to not only supervise every individual employee but it will also highlight your hardworking employees; thus enabling you to reward and promote the right staff.

Another added benefit to CEEQUEL® Human Resource Management module is that it can co-exist on the same Time and Attendance database or as a standalone HR Management solution.

Does your company need a dynamic Time Management system that will not only stop a toxic culture from springing up in your workplace but allows your company to run more efficiently and smoothly?

Is it time for you to take a closer look at your workforce?

CEEQUEL® Time and Attendance software suite is all you need to monitor and keep track of your ENTIRE workforce.

If you would like to know more about the unrivalled CEEQUEL® Software Suite, including our leading Time and Attendance modules; the downloadable catalogue of brochures can be found here.

Contact ELF Productivity today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of CEEQUEL® software.

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