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Are You Gonna Go My Way?

We’ve all fallen in love with John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson from Car Share.  A series’ which highlighted two work colleagues sharing the daily commute together and introduced us to two of the most popular and adorable characters ever created by Peter Kay and Sian Gibson.

Peter and Sian’s witty, comic timing and observational comedy, was crucial in bringing to life an otherwise tedious subject.

Miss Kitson, she’s as giddy and dizzy as they come, a very likeable and effervescent character but what was she really like?

Well, she liked a tipple or 10 (remember the “Cheeky Vimto” session) therefore she was prone to the odd hangover.  She was partial to knocking out the odd “tune” via Forever FM, knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it and she really, really, REALLY wanted to be on John’s “Christmas team!”

This brings us to her partner in crime; John Redmond.  Mr Belt and Braces himself, the quintessential image of middle management.  A mild-mannered gentleman, who loved to “push the envelope”, his “Nan Rose” and his band “Compendium”; probably in that order.

But, what was he actually like?

Well, underneath the surface, John liked things just as they were.  He didn’t like to “rock the boat” or venture any change within his orderly life.  John, unlike Kayleigh, was not a risk taker, he was mellow, easy going and laid back; except when faced with a fugitive in the shape of an incontinent monkey!!

John and Kayleigh, two very diverse personalities and who, under different circumstances, probably would’ve just about managed to nod to each other in the staff canteen.

If you, like most of the ELF Team, especially the “ELF Boss” were hooked on the series’ and were genuinely sad to see it end, then you  would’ve recognised not only yourself in the banter about HR, management, staff and shifts but your colleagues too.

Remember “Stink Ray” the VERY loud, back-seat driving smelly fishmonger?  “Back in Okinawa, it was BOOM TIME!!”

Joking aside, if you looked beyond the witty repartee, the series’ brought to the forefront a very real issue, a daily commuting battle, a battle which Kayleigh endured, to make it into work on time. 

On closer inspection, at one stage, Kayleigh’s commute consisted of the following;

  • A walk to the bus stop
  • A bus ride to the train station and subsequent train journey
  • Another bus ride or walk, depending on the weather, into work

Repeat for the return journey!

How would you fare if that was your commute every single day?

According to a recent article reported by a leading HR magazine, Inchcape research has discovered that 18.6 million UK workers commute daily by car and out of those, just 12.3 million car share.  The research concluded that the average weekly spend on driving to work equated to £38.72 per motorist and from that, the yearly spend tallied up to more than £1,700.00!

That’s a lot of gas!

If 4 people were to car share twice weekly, based on the figures produced, each would save £527.00 annually.

According to Lifeshare.com and reported in the same article, CEO Ali Clabburn stated “If the UK’s motorists’ car shared for just one day, not only would they save money but congestion and pollution would be reduced by 10% and traffic jams by 20%”

So is car-pooling the only other option available out there?  Are we to follow Peter Kay’s lead and Car Share?

Whilst great for a TV series and the obvious friendship benefits, access to a car-pooling scheme within a business isn’t always forthcoming or feasible.

Unfortunately, back in the real world, car sharing, walking or cycling to work just isn’t workable for a lot of people, especially those with child-care obligations

If pressed, every worker would admit, that although they love where they work and the people etc, they would prefer to be spared the costly, daily commute at the dreaded peak times.  Throw into the mix the most recent mis-management of the UK’s sub-standard rail network and you get the picture.

So, what if there WAS another way?

Flexible and remote working possibilities are now becoming more and more mainstream within the workplace.   If this is not an option your company has considered before, there has never been a better time for you to pursue it.

Potential new employees now consider flexible working to be a standard option offered within their remuneration package.   It is now proving to be a deciding factor when job hunting; throw a remote working prospect into the job offer and you are heading in the right direction.

If you aren’t already aware, Brexit has pushed the recruitment process further into the public eye with an apparent skills shortage now a real possibility; the whole recruitment process needs to be approached a little more differently. 

Candidates are able to pick and choose job opportunities like never before.

This is where ELF Productivity can step in and help you.

ELF Productivity Ltd, authors of CEEQUEL® software suite is at the forefront when it comes to Time and Attendance processes, Human Resource Management and flexible working options for ALL businesses.

Mobile clocking applications for Android, Apple and Windows devices, along with CEEQUEL® Human Resources and E-Manager modules, will free your management team from time consuming administration tasks, whilst at the same time streamlining your Time and Attendance processes; giving you the edge over your competitors.

CEEQUEL® Employee Self Service, software that hands over more control to your employees.  Installed in a centralised area or alternatively on a PC, this module can be accessed via employees’ smart phones or tablets.  Flexi-Time requests, holidays, shift rotas etc. can all be requested via this module.

Remote working is not to be feared with CEEQUEL®, as an employee’s clocking times are recorded in Real-Time, enabling you to pinpoint their location exactly.

With employees’ well-being and lifestyle improved, this will make for a happier, relaxed and more content workforce.

With the summer drawing to a close and the new academic year almost upon us, the daily commute and all that entails, will soon rear its ugly head again.  The scorching summer heatwave, Royal Wedding and World Cup matches, will all be dim and distant memories.

With that in mind, would you not like to take that step and consider another alternative for your workplace?  Would your workforce not benefit from a more flexible working pattern this autumn?

Are you willing to consider introducing remote working for perhaps the first time?

If, unlike John Redmond, you WOULD like to “rock the boat” and be more like Miss Kitson and see a real change and transformation in your company’s Time and Attendance processes, contact ELF Productivity’s Sales Office today on 01257 256000 for a free, no obligation quotation and demonstration of CEEQUEL® software.

If you feel your company would benefit from the unrivalled product that is CEEQUEL® software suite, please feel free to download our brochure catalogue here and comprehend today all that can be achieved in your workplace.

Posted by ELF Productivity about 1 year

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