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Why It’s Time to Replace Your Clocking In Cards


Clocking in cards have been used for generations, and it’s really starting to show. The system was created in the late nineteenth century and many alternatives have since been developed that have made the process of recording employees’ working hours many times easier. If your company still uses this system, it may be time for a change. Here are a few reasons why you ought to throw out your company’s old clocking in method and take on something new.



It’s no secret that time cards take time to process. In many cases, it seems almost impossible to obtain enough clocking machines to reduce the backlog of employees at the beginning and end of a shift, and for offices that support the traditional nine to five working day, the queue to “stamp” time cards can get ridiculous.



Any system that relies on a card, pass or fob to allow employees access to their workspace or to record their attendance has the potential to be compromised. The likelihood of timecards being misplaced or passed between staff members for the purposes of “buddy clocking” is high. There are other means of recording time and attendance that are much more effective and watertight.



Many older clocking in systems rely on management or HR downloading or transferring the data they have collected, then processing it in order to undertake payroll duties or record attendance anomalies. More up to date alternatives are able to directly record information in real time, and can be programmed to create their own reports and process information automatically, meaning there is no further work required and a great deal of time and effort is saved.



Timecards may be small, but how many does your company get through in a year? Add that to the hundreds of other businesses that still rely on outdated clocking in systems across the country, and the amount of paper used unnecessarily really does add up. Systems that don’t rely on new cards being used every week, work wonders when it comes to your environmental impact.

So What Can We Use Instead?


The next step up from a clocking in card system is the use of proximity clocking terminals. This approach involves the use of fobs, cards or badges to allow employees access to areas of their workplace and an effective method to clock in and out. Yes, the items used can still be forgotten, lost, stolen or passed around, but they are extremely easy to use; all that is required is that they are touched against a pad or sensor. This system is also extremely quick, meaning multiple workers can enter and exit the premises without a large queue forming. Proximity clocking can also be combined with software that enables real-time updates and automatic data management.

One of the most up to date means of clocking in is the use of biometric recognition. Depending on preference, a company can choose between fingerprint scanners, facial scanners and retinal scanners – all of which are highly effective and exceptionally secure. These time and attendance methods do not rely on an external gadget or accessory to allow them to function – the employees themselves are their own pass. There should be no concerns about personal data security either; the fingerprints or other images are not retained. The system simply records certain points within each image and creates a code from them. The original information is then erased and only the unique code remains. While this system can sometimes take a little longer than the use of proximity clocking depending on the number of individuals needing to use it at any one time, this can be remedied by simply installing more terminals. It is a highly effective and can also be integrated within software that updates in real time and can be programmed to extract all required data and create reports.

If you’re ready to update your clocking in system, get in touch with ELF Productivity Limited today. They offer a wide range of products to suit every workplace, along with exceptionally useful software that will save managers and HR officers a huge amount of time processing data, organising payroll and authorising leave. This will give your company a greater opportunity to focus on the future. Call now on 01257 256000 or email sales@elf.uk.com to discuss your specific needs and find out what ELF Productivity Limited can offer you.


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