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Clocking On

The academic year is now in full swing and this week for most, observes the first half-term break of the year.

Christmas is hovering just on the horizon but so is a long overdue Au Revoir! But let’s not dwell or even mention the ‘B’ word that is due to manifest ‘sometime’ this century!

So, heading swiftly ‘back to school’, have you ever contemplated why most pupils are eager to return after their Autumn break, whilst teachers and supporting staff are less than, how shall we say, ‘enthusiastic’ about clocking on.

Hmm, the world of work, sometimes it’s about as attractive an option as meeting Jeremy Corbyn at the First Dates restaurant! Stuffy, tedious, regimented routines to look forward to, the same old, same old. A titanic effort is often obligatory in order to muster up the ‘zing’ required to take you through to the welcome sound of the 5.00pm klaxon!

Somewhere in between “school’s out” for good and the real graft begins, a dissatisfied worker appears…… and that’s just the boss!

All jokes aside, shouldn’t we expect to welcome ‘clocking on’, after all, we spend more time on the shop floor than we do anywhere else. This leads us to the question “who exactly is responsible for our workplace bliss” the Line Manager, the ‘Big Boss’, HR, ourselves or something else?

Maybe the ‘something else’ is what is missing from many shop floors.

The HR crew are traditionally the main port-of-call for all worker gripes but as with everything, having the appropriate processes in-situ in the first place, not only helps but makes an enormous difference.

Employees that are granted more responsibility and freedom of choice regarding shifts, flexible/remote working options, training and progression are, in the main, likely to be more content.

Happy workforce = increased productivity

Just maybe, the crucial element to true workplace happiness doesn’t lie primarily in the salary that’s earned but, in the opportunities available, opportunities to learn and grow.

School’s out doesn’t = learning stops

Whatever the workforce age there is always something new to be mastered. By observing the eagerness displayed by school children, who like sponges, happily soak up fresh ideas and new learning, we understand that different ventures should be embraced and not feared within the workplace.

With the times that now lie ahead and with the imminent onset of AI and digital transformation this has never been more crucial.

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