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Culture Trends For 2019

With February just around the corner and the last of the Christmas chocs a distant memory, 2019 is now in full swing.

2019, the year that seemed a long way off in 2016, the year we had ‘the’ vote. Did someone say the ‘B’ word?

Well now you mention it….

With our Brexit departure from the EU now just weeks away, business growth and recruitment possibilities for this coming year have been pushed right to the forefront. So, with the clock now counting down to Friday 29th March, do you even know what your essential needs are when it comes to your workforce requirements for 2019?

Is maintaining stability the priority, or is now the time for you to step out and achieve some real business development?

For both to be attained AND retained, you need the appropriate team in place.

As reported by a leading HR magazine, the top culture trends to watch out for and recruit in 2019 are a bit of a mixed bunch.

Let’s look at just three.


As an employer, how ‘flexi’ are you prepared to be? According to a report by Mercer, 72% of full-time employees have voiced that they would consider working on a contingent or contract basis.
2019 is shaping up to be the year where employees would prefer greater freedom and choice within their working day. If you are a progressive company, you are probably already at least considering flexible and remote working options for your staff.
A healthy work-life balance is now being recognised as a must, especially for employees with obligations at both ends of the collective scale; children versus ageing dependant parents. Employees stuck in a cycle of never-ending tension, with the stress transferring to the workplace.

Generation Z

2017 was the year Generation Z entered the workforce. A report by Manpower has revealed that by 2020, this generation will make up 24% of the global workforce. The age-old joke of police officers appearing younger and younger will strike a chord with many people – because it will be true!. We can expect a generation of degree educated individuals to emerge and due to their Play-Station digital upbringing, technology will be second nature.
And the generation that is to follow; ‘Generation Alpha’ the children of the Millennials, let’s not go there just yet. In a recent video clip produced by Hotwire, a global PR Agency, a young participant was filmed exclaiming that they would rather have an I-pad than a puppy!


What’s soft about a skill? Soft-skills are the time and tested skill-set that appears to be enjoying a revival within Human Resources. The ‘bread and butter’ skills that every company recognises, especially within their middle management set-up. Good communication, time management, time-keeping, problem-solving, creativity and leadership. As the workforce in general becomes older; see our previous blog post A Growing Mature Workforce, these skills are the safe pair of hands that businesses of all shapes and sizes requires to advise, steer and help.
They are particularly useful with younger employees, especially around the delicate issues of texting/emailing rather than engaging in an ‘actual’ conversation.

Technology is impressive but it will never replace the art of having a real discussion in the workplace. Like the British stiff upper lip, it will never go out of fashion.

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