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Disco 2000 – The Millennial Generation

It’s January again and it’s traditionally the time to plan and to look forward to a new year ahead, unblotted, brand-new, ready and waiting. It’s also a time to reflect on things past and to ask yourself, could I do this better, is there something else out there, something different?

Let’s rewind to the year 1995……

Pretty much everyone knows the catchy song “Disco 2000” by the band Pulp right? For a certain few of us it’s hard to believe that that song is now over 20 years old! Does it only seem like yesterday that you were dancing and singing along to it – it’s interesting how time flies isn’t it?

It’s even more interesting, that Y2K babies as they become known who were born in the year 2000, the year that seemed a long way off in 1995, are now approaching adulthood. These Millennium babies are now looking to join the big world of commerce and industry, looking to make their own individual mark on the world.

2018 is the year when the last of what is known as the Millennial Generation enters the workplace. Everyone born in the year 2000 who have chosen not to pursue further full time education, will this year, enter into employment.

So the question we ask you is, are you ready?

• Are you ready to attract the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Tech-Savvy Teenagers?
• How will your brand be attractive to an enthusiastic, prospective employee?
• How will your Human Resource and Payroll Departments deal with potential Apprenticeships?
• Can your current systems handle the various shift patterns and training that inevitably accompany these placements, whilst still meeting your current workforce’s needs and obligations?

Do you have the right Time and Attendance system in place, or are your current processes, like the song “Disco 2000”, stuck back in 1995?

Again we ask, are you ready?

Here at Elf Productivity Ltd, authors of Ceequel® Time and Attendance, we are ready!

We have been at the forefront of Time and Attendance since 1982, in fact, Elf Productivity Ltd was established not long after the start of the Millennial Generation (1980 -2000).

Elf Productivity Ltd is part of that same generation; we understand technology like they do, because we are the original trailblazers. We are continually developing new ideas and new ways of making Time and Attendance processes, simpler, faster and easier.

Human Resource Management, Employee Self Service, Apps for i-Clocker and Android, are just a few of the modules that Elf Productivity Ltd provides.

So, take the apprehension out of training and working alongside a technology confident teenager (Q to his friends) and have the latest Time and Attendance software in place, along with Elf Productivity’s bespoke user friendly training.

Take it from us, the first of the Millennial Generation, Elf Productivity Ltd’s Human Resource Management module is your Bond to their Q!

So don’t hesitate, contact ELF Productivity today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software and as Jarvis sings in the song…. “Let’s all meet up”.

Go forward into 2018, better prepared and with the latest and most up to date software in terms of automated systems in place, for ALL your workforce.

If you would like to learn more about the unrivalled functionality of Ceequel® Software Suite, including our flagship Time and Attendance offering; a range of downloadable brochures can be found here.

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