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Grease Is The Word


This year sees the 40th Anniversary of that timeless classic movie of 1950’s teenage angst….. GREASE!

That’s right, the all singing, all dancing, hand-jiving ageless flick which turned Olivia Newton John and John Travolta into overnight stars, has reached the BIG 40!

To understand how Grease became THE movie of 1978 – if not all time, Vince Fontaine probably sums it up the best with his understated line “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes”

Admit it; you really didn’t think that 40 years had passed by since you were singing “Summer Nights” and declaring “Sandy! You just can’t walk out of a drive-in”!

Time, unfortunately for everyone, really does have a habit of ticking by.

Even though 1978 still seems like yesterday for some of you; long hot summers, Spangles and Marathon bars (ask your Mum) does anyone remember or even realise that there was actually a sequel to Grease in the 1980’s?

Even though there were some great films in the ‘80’s, Grease 2 sadly isn’t one of them.

Released with great hype and expectation, the film has the same style of characters but without any of the original “chemistry “or endearing quality that everyone felt with The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds. By trying to recreate the original and as we all know you can’t improve on the genuine article, they produced a big fat dud! Ultimately, that familiar sense of “this is not what I was expecting” kicked in. The cinema paying public definitely weren’t “Hopelessly Devoted” to THIS sequel and gave it a big thumbs down!

To be fair, how can you improve on something that was so imaginative, so creative, that even now 40 years later, is still adored?

Sadly, this is what it can feel like with Time & Attendance Management systems. On the surface they may look and sound alike but not all Time & Attendance software is the same.

Here at ELF Productivity Limited, authors of the original CEEQUEL® software suite, we have been at the forefront of Biometric Time & Attendance and Human Resource Management since 1982. Other Time & Attendance systems may give the impression that they are comparable to ELF but CEEQUEL® is distinctive.

What sets ELF Productivity apart from all other systems is that our understanding and proficiency is incomparable. CEEQUEL® software is constantly evolving and as we advance into another new phase of development, we remain the definitive enterprise in Time & Attendance procedures – in other words the “Real McCoy”.

Software that works harder and deployed the way you want it, either via your existing IT infrastructure or via the cloud. CEEQUEL® Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows, provides your workforce with worldwide connectivity.

CEEQUEL® Employee Self Service and E-Manager modules will equip you with all the tools necessary, to enable you to manage not only your HR obligations but your remote and flexible workforce, whilst Access Control and Shop Floor Data Capture will come alongside and help you monitor and keep track of your entire workforce.

So, with all that information in mind, is CEEQUEL® software suite “The One That You Want” for your company this year? Do you need a Biometric Time & Attendance system that will “Go Together” with your existing workforce?

If so, choose the number 1 in Time & Attendance Management, choose the original CEEQUEL®

If you would like to know more about the advanced and revolutionary software suite that is CEEQUEL® our index of brochures can be found here.

Contact ELF Productivity Ltd today today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of CEEQUEL® software

And remember, keep dancin’!

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