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How Can I Love You More?

L.O.V.E that little ‘Four Letter Word’ that is out in force around the middle of Feb and thanks to clever advertisers, very much in your face!

Now we know that being the romantic lot that you are, you wouldn’t have forgotten but just in case you have, here’s a gentle reminder; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner……

The most amorous time of the year brings out the romantic in many of us, especially the ‘Starry-Eyed’ personnel on the shop floor.

It must be said that the build up to February 14th can for some, be a distracting time on the production line. Amused anticipation is on open display, as your very own ‘Tim and Dawn’ are observed blushing their way around ‘The Office’.

But with all the ‘Endless Love’ flowing, what of the ‘bemused’ boss that not only has to manage his or her ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ team members but plan and schedule their last-minute ‘Love Rendezvous’?

It’s widely accepted that the most popular place to meet your ‘significant other’ is in the workplace. You spend more time there than anywhere else, so it makes ‘Perfect’ sense that ‘Love Is All Around’ doesn’t it?

Whilst opportunities present themselves more easily on the shop floor and when the time is right, ‘L.O.V.E’ is not always a surprise but after the first flush of romance, what happens when ‘Tim and Dawn’ request the inevitable time off together?

Planning staff holidays for any manager can be a headache, if not a vast military exercise; nothing works, nothing gels, nothing fits! Throw in an eleventh hour mini-break request from ‘John’ in sales and ‘Kayleigh’ in accounts and you get the idea. Two employees who not only work on the same team but the same project.

Here at ELF, we understand the situation completely when ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’ with your current processes but be assured, with the right software in place, not only will Ceequel® become ‘the one that you want’ this Valentine’s Day but it will render everything ‘Perfect’ for both you AND your team.

Staff planning a last-minute get-away? Forget Booking.com as nothing books or confirms a holiday request faster than Ceequel® Employee Self Service.

Deployed on a kiosk or via an employee’s PC, smart phone or tablet, Employee Self Service completely removes the paper trail and gives total administration control to employees. Staff can immediately establish who on their team has already been granted a leave of absence.

So, with that in mind and apart from ‘The One’ make Ceequel® software the additional ‘significant other’ that you #Love this Valentine’s Day.

If you are interested in a Biometric Time and Attendance system to work with your Human Resources department, contact ELF Productivity Ltd today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software.

Alternatively, our brochure catalogue can be downloaded here.

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