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How to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Your Building

You are right to be concerned about individuals entering your property unchecked, particularly if you deal with dangerous or valuable materials and equipment, or sensitive information. Nine times out of ten, things will tick over as they should without any trouble – but the possibility of your security being compromised is very real if you do not have an effective system in place to prevent the wrong individuals from entering. So what are the best ways to ensure that your premises are correctly protected from unauthorised access?

How to Prevent Unauthorised Access to Your Building

1. On-Site Security

One of the most obvious and well known ways of ensuring that only authorised individuals enter your building is to hire specialist personnel to man its access points. This can often prove effective, as having a visible presence on site can help to deter intruders. However, human error is always possible – plus, if a robbery or break-in were to occur, it isn’t always possible to completely ensure the safety of your security team, however well trained they may be.



The use of closed-circuit television cameras can help a surprising amount in security terms, particularly if signs are displayed to inform users of the building and those passing it that they have been installed. Anyone planning to enter the building for illegal purposes will be made aware that they will be caught on camera, and this can often be enough to dissuade them. However, this method won’t stop individuals who are lost and may be wandering into a dangerous or private part of the building.


3. Alarms

Another popular method of on-site security is the use of burglar alarms – devices that are set when all authorised personnel are leaving a particular area. They can detect any movement suggesting that an intruder is present and sound a loud alarm to alert people in the surrounding area. They can also be set up to notify the building’s owners or the police.


4. Keypads with Codes or Swipe Cards

Many managers issue all authorised personnel with a code to use when entering restricted areas of a building. There are a few problems with this method, as if there is only one code used by a whole team of personnel, security may be compromised due to the possibility of this code becoming common knowledge to employees outside the team. The same applies to team members who are each issued their own code, with the added problem that they may need to be reminded of it every so often, and so a list of those codes will need to be kept to hand just in case. If this list is too accessible, it defies the point of the security measures put in place. Swipe cards are also a difficult option, as it is very possible for these to go missing or to end up in the wrong hands.


5. Fingerprint Biometric Systems

Another option is the use of a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprints of each individual to be granted access are scanned and recorded, and certain coordinates are plotted according to the structure of the print. The original print is then wiped from the system to ensure personal security and data protection. From this time onwards, when an authorised member of staff touches a fingerprint scanner, the points that were plotted on the system are matched up with certain segments of their print, and they are allowed access. This method is by far the most secure, as authorisation documentation cannot be forged or passed between individuals. Every fingerprint is unique, so only the original employee whose fingerprint was registered on the system can be admitted.

How Do I Obtain a Fingerprint Scanner?

Various biometric hardware and software is available to use by businesses and individuals for security purposes. These include the likes of retinal and fingerprint scanners. Oftentimes, this technology is available as a part of a wider time and attendance management system, so it’s worth shopping around for the best arrangement to meet your security needs.


If you’re interested in finding out a little more about the biometric security equipment available from ELF Productivity Limited, simply call the team today on 01257 256000 or email sales@elf.uk.com. There is a huge variety of options and add ons, so do take the time to discuss your requirements and needs with a specialist in order to find out the very best option for you. Their offices are open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

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