Innovation The Key To Operational Efficiency For UK Manufacturers

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According to the 'UK Manufacturing Monitor' survey conducted by audit, tax and consulting company RSM; a considerable number of British manufacturers are set to make significant investments in technology over the next three to five years.

Echoing the findings released last week by EEF and BDO in their '2017 Manufacturing Outlook Survey'; the UK manufacturing sector remains on solid ground with firms continuing to enjoy the competitive advantage of UK goods in foreign markets thanks to the weak pound. However, with challenging trading conditions expected in the not too distant future, particularly once Brexit negotiations have concluded; many UK manufacturers believe that the time to modernise processes through investments in technology is imminent. Strong competition is also anticipated from East Asia further down the line, something which the UK was previously protected from as a member of the European Union.

With manufacturing organisations and industry experts largely in agreement over the integral role that innovation will play in the future success of the UK manufacturing sector; what are manufacturers looking for in return for their investment?

When prompted to name their most desired outcomes, 'better, more informed strategic decision making' and 'enhanced operational efficiencies' were the most popular responses. Respondents were also fully aware of the challenges associated with successfully upgrading core business processes. Finding the right software to satisfy 'unique or complex company-specific requirements' were high ranking concerns alongside 'full integration' with other software modules.

Are you a UK-based manufacturing organisation looking to enhance your operational efficiencies?

Ceequel® Shop Floor Data Capture delivers a comprehensive, real-time granular insight into a manufacturer's shop floor operations including: productive/non-productive hours, employee activity tracking, incentive scheme calculations, WIP tracking, man and machine efficiencies, labour performance reporting and actuals vs standard times.

All Ceequel® modules share the same database and have been specifically designed to complement each other seamlessly. Effortlessly configure complex shift patterns utilising our innovative Time and Attendance systems, secure your site at the touch of a button with our robust Access Control solutions and simplify your people management processes through our dynamic Human Resource Management software.

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