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ISO 27001 – How Safe Are Your Work Practises?

Everyone is always pleased or as we say in the North “reet chuffed” to gain recognition for any goal or target that has been attained and here at ELF Productivity we are no different.

That is why we are so proud to announce, that after a recent audit,
ELF Productivity Ltd has been awarded ISO 27001 accreditation status.

Is that “nice one” we hear at the back?

For those of you that don’t quite realise what this represents and why we are adopting a bit of a ‘peacock strut’, in layman’s terms,
ISO 27001 is an accreditation awarded to companies that comply entirely with all forms of security in a safe, careful and more importantly, secure manner.

In other words, it’s a bit of a big deal!

Not everyone takes their security seriously and ultimately that can affect you. How many times have you received yet ‘another’ friend request on Facebook (other social media accounts are available of course) because someone’s account has been hacked….…again!

At ELF Productivity we take our security practises, obligations and procedures very seriously. We have the knowledge and confidence that this is mirrored within our Time and Attendance modules; the dynamic software suite that is CEEQUEL®.

Time and Attendance, Human Resources and Access Control, unfortunately for all involved they ALL have the potential for serious data breaches.

This is where CEEQUEL® is noticeably different.

Time and Attendance

CEEQUEL® Time and Attendance software is operated by a state-of-the-art password protected structure, thus restricting and providing where needed, limited access to employees. This restriction is obtained by a combination of considerations with the main being, functionality, location, branch, employee and confidentiality.

Human Resource

The security factor within CEEQUEL® Human Resources module is entirely configurable down to each subject and assignment. Employees can be issued with either read/write or read-only access to any given view, greatly downgrading potential risk. Icons and assignments can be removed and report capabilities can be issued based on individual(s) user permissions.

Access Control

One word – tailgating. Unfortunately, one of the biggest ‘bug-bears’ and a potential security breach surrounding Access Control is tailgating. Several alternatives are available to resolve this issue, the main being a Turnstile option. Where this choice is not feasible, infra-red beams across the access door can identify when several employees enter the door at the same time. If this occurs, an alarm will prompt a message to be sent, thereby alerting the main user/administrator of the security breach.

With the introduction of GDPR legislation in 2018, data security for companies MUST now be managed and controlled diligently.

When the security of your company is at stake, you ultimately look to a provider with a proven track record for processing and monitoring sensitive, confidential data daily. A provider that will give you the assurance and guarantee that you require.

ELF Productivity Ltd has clocked up almost 40 years of development and experience. There is no scenario that ELF has not encountered or issue that we have not solved.

Success for any company comes on the back of accomplishments and CEEQUEL® software has proved time and time again, that when it comes to Time and Attendance for business workforce management, we are a major player.

And as you now know, we have the certificate to prove it!

If you are interested into acquiring a Time and Attendance solution for your workforce, Contact ELF Productivity Ltd today or alternatively, please feel free to download our brochure catalogue here.

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