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It’s A Jungle Out There

Despite the negativity surrounding the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the workplace, there has never been a more opportune or favourable time to upskill your workforce.

As with any investment that HR make into the domain of digital transformation the prosperity of staff must be at the forefront. With the current privacy law set-up and with yet ‘another’ delayed Brexit departure, there has never been a more fundamental need for a workforce Time and Attendance software that not only supports British businesses but delivers on the promised ‘real deal’.

Over the last two decades the workplace landscape has altered enormously with vast emphasis placed not only on development but digital and social media roles. ‘Tech’ individuals dominating in positions that at one time were considered a hobby or a side-line to a person’s real job.

Jobs that are now mainstream career choices.

Generation X were the first to experience Atari, Excel, Microsoft Windows and essentially the World Wide Web, Millennials have not only embraced the digital revolution but have taken it to the next level.

The soft skills that were considered just that, i.e. ‘soft’, were effectively shelved and ultimately made redundant.

But, as everyone of a ‘certain age’ understands, ALL things come around again in their own good time. The onset of the AI revolution has brought with it a revitalisation. Soft skills are having what can only be described as a revival, a rebirth. Soft skills are ‘hip’ again, soft skills have made it back onto the job spec!

When you think of this unique skill set, what image do they convey to you? Do you instantly think of Time Management, Empathy, Compassion, Timekeeping, Communication and Teamwork?

Through no fault of their own, many ‘tech’ individuals are lacking in the ‘soft’ department and unfortunately their predicament only comes to light during employment.

During the interview process, many candidates appear to be all-singing and all-dancing but once entrenched in the workplace, you discover that in some areas they are in fact more Peter Crouch than Fred Astaire.

With AI now a very real presence and role reversals and training required in order to survive and compete in the metropolis ‘work jungle’, soft skills can be ‘fired up’ again for Generation X and for the younger, ‘techy’ generation, developed.

With Time Management systems now a key priority for the majority of businesses, the good news is that no matter how digital they become, robots will always require a helping ‘human’ hand.

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