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On the 1st September 2019, the world will stand and remember the 80th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War 2.

A war that plunged Britain into a period of desolation with ‘Britannia’ once again ‘in the trenches’. A war that raged until 2nd September 1945.

After 6 long years of conflict, how much of what transpired during that period, fashioned the contemporary nation that we occupy today?

From Alan Turing and his ground-breaking work on the complex Enigma code, work that paved the way for modern Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, to the Keep Calm and Carry On brigade of the Home Guard and the ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ steadfast ladies of the WI, WW2 produced some of our finest moments.

After all, you only really discover what’s under the surface when you are squeezed!

The PM in-situ at No 10 on that historic day was Neville Chamberlain; perhaps not the best day to be the ‘Boss’! But has history judged Neville kindly? After suddenly becoming terminally ill in 1940, we will never comprehend the manner of leadership he would’ve gone on to display.

But in all honesty, given the choice, would YOU have wanted the responsibility?

Despite his flaws, Sir Winston Churchill was perhaps the only person during that time, considered proficient enough for the ‘top job’.

Strategic planning, key decision-making, focus, dedication, commitment and loyalty, leadership qualities already in place, honed by Churchill’s many years in the military. Leadership qualities crucial to steering a nation through rationing, bombing raids, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

The steely British backbone the advancements in Computer Science and the birth of modern-day management as the United Kingdom re-built itself; all are by-products of the war years.

We may not be facing the same battles today, but workplaces can still be a ‘war zone’. From personality clashes to motivating staff, from business foresight to projection and ‘staying ahead of the competition’ they all require tactical planning, excellent negotiating skills and solid, dependable leadership.

So, after 80 years what have we learned? Have we learned to side-step and avoid confrontation, or have we learned to ‘step-up’ and meet our challenges head on?

One thing is certain, we have discovered that for every dedicated leader there is also an ally, an ally all too ready, willing and able to embark on that same challenge with them.

ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® software the only allies you will ever need to facilitate a competent business strategy for your entire workforce.

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