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Let’s Get Physical – Not Bent Out Of Shape

One word………… EXERCISE. How does that word make you feel, does it fill you with excitement or dread? Let’s be honest, exercise is something you either love doing or avoid with a passion. Those that avoid it usually give the same reason ……… I would like to, I just don’t have the time.

The beginning of a New Year is traditionally the most popular period to embark on a new healthy regime. Gym memberships are signed up for, usually done on the back of a New Year’s Eve resolution and healthy eating begins – again! ALL junk food stops immediately, fat skimming devices are brought out of retirement (back of the kitchen cupboard) cobwebs and dust are blown off and you feel amazing. You head into work all enthusiastic but then what happens? The ultra slim, work colleague who can eat whatever he/she wants is eating the “colonel’s secret recipe” like it’s going to be put on ration…..right in front of you! You mutter to yourself “It’s like they are doing this on purpose, they KNOW I am trying to be healthier”.

The truth is nobody is purposely trying to do that, your colleagues have always been on first name terms with the staff at the “Golden Arches”. When you embark on a new solo healthy regime and all that goes with it, cutting all the bad stuff out straightaway is too much, for even the most iron-willed of people. Gym memberships are very good but let’s be honest, how many subscriptions have you taken out and then not actually attended? How often have you started something with really good intentions and then never finished it?

Work commitments inevitably come first for most people, along with families and other obligations, the endless commute to and from the workplace can also take its toll. The new healthy regimes started with such high hopes, end up taking a back seat and it’s normally around this time of year, as we head into February, that this starts to kick in. Christmas is a dim and distant memory, along with your resolutions. So what can you do to not only keep your staff motivated but yourself during these long winter months, especially as Spring is still some way off?

This is where you find that if managed properly, the workplace can actually turn out to be one of the best places to try and be a little healthier. Promoting nutritious eating, as well as endorsing walks during the day are very beneficial and are a great way to exercise both the body and mind, as well as getting to know other colleagues better. But what if your current Time and Attendance processes are unable to cope with several of your staff out on a brisk jaunt at once, what if your manual processes are unable to handle flexible or remote shift patterns?

Flexible working or being able to work remotely from home 1 or 2 days a week, is a great incentive to a lot of current and potential employees, especially for those with children or who care for relatives etc, who given the choice, would prefer not to work the standard Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm shift. A healthy work-life balance is achievable for any company and if flexible or remote working is the way forward for your company as we head into 2018, then Elf Productivity Ltd’s Time and Attendance, with Employee Self Service and Ceequel® Mobile Apps, is for you.

Elf Productivity Ltd’s Employee Self Service and Ceequel® Mobile Apps, are applications created for Android, Apple and Windows devices. Whether you are looking to collect employees clockings or support your existing workforce with legislative changes to travel time, Ceequel® Mobile App will improve your Time and Attendance processes. It not only allows employees to clock in and clock out, but it will also provide you with an exact location of your remote workers.

Ceequel®‘s Employee Self Service module is a great partner to the Ceequel® Mobile App, as it comes along side and allows employees more freedom with regards to requesting absences. The module provides employees access to their personal data and it will also allow them to request absences, such as holidays, dentists, doctors and TOIL (time off in lieu) etc, as well as remotely viewing or requesting changes to their shift roster. It also takes away some of the timely administrative duties as it devolves more responsibility to the employee.

Companies are now fully aware that employees physical and mental health needs have to be taken into consideration within the workplace. Employees need to be supported and if that means allowing them more freedom and giving them newer, faster options and with more flexibility within their shift, without impairing their output, then Elf Productivity Ltd’s Time and Attendance system is for you.

You look after the things of value to you and your personnel are worth investing in. You devote so much precious time investing and attracting the best employees possible, so why not invest the same time into your automated processes and look to the market leaders in Time and Attendance – invest in the best, invest in ELF.

Contact ELF Productivity today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software.

If you would like to learn more about the unrivalled functionality of Ceequel® Software Suite, including our flagship Time and Attendance offering; a range of downloadable brochures can be found here.

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