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Remember a time when it seemed that every town had its own Trotters Independent Traders.

A ‘Del’ and a ‘Rodders’ on every corner shouting the loudest to get the attention of savvy housewives, drawing their eyes to their latest ‘deal of the day’.

No fancy advertising, no gimmicks, just good old-fashioned straight talking, mais oui!

If you liked it, you bought it and we bought.

Well, unless you have had your head buried firmly in the sand for the last three years, this month providing all goes to plan, the UK is scheduled to leave behind its current ‘marketplace’ along with its petulant European cousins.

Au Revoir, Adiós, Auf Wiedersehen, Addio, farewell, so long, toodle pip!

Like it or not, Brexit is now firmly within the UK’s grasp and it’s racing towards the white cliffs faster than Lewis Hamilton on a tight bend.

The hottest debate is of course the future of British businesses, particularly manufacturing. Made in Great Britain is not only fundamental but key to a life after Brexit.

In today’s business climate, the ‘marketplace’ as we know it, may be about to alter but the confident traders and manufacturers are still out there.

Made in Great Britain, Made in the UK, what image do they portray?

They represent quality and global excellence. They epitomise hardworking, skilled craftsmen and women that are not only astute but confident that their products are the best on the ‘market’.

But, to remain competitive in any ‘marketplace’ you need the right ‘tools’ to help you manage your organisation appropriately and accurately.

But au contraire, not all ‘tools’ are the same.

Everyone wants a good deal but not at a hefty price and as you are aware you don’t have to be a ‘canny’ housewife to spot a good deal or indeed a bad deal!

So, what would a ‘deal of the day’ mean for your business?

Would it enable you to make progressive plans? Would it enable you to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ during this transitional phase for the United Kingdom, whilst allowing you to remain competitive in YOUR market?

When the UK departs from the European Union on Friday 29th March, will you be confident that you have all the necessary ‘tools’ in place for your business and indeed your workforce?

ELF Productivity Ltd and CEEQUEL® software suite, a Biometric Time and Attendance management solution that incorporates software modules Human Resources, Employee Self Service, E-Manager and Access Control as standard.

If you would like to know more about a British brand that has been serving workforce management competently for almost 40 years, contact ELF Productivity Ltd today for a free demonstration and no obligation quotation of CEEQUEL® software suite.

Alternatively, please feel free to download our brochure catalogue here and make today the day you get on board with CEEQUEL®.

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