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More Guidance For Preventing The Spread of COVID-19

To support your home working employees, there are a couple of options that we have to assist you in maintaining productivity.

There’s an app for that!

If wish to preserve time-sheets and attendance reporting data, whilst you have staff working from home, ELF Productivity Ltd has a clocking app that allows employees to clock in and out using an Android or IOS device.

The app provides the user with a simple clock in, clock out function that will push the clocking data through to TA2 (and ultimately) your payroll software in the same manner as clocking in via your normal clocking terminals.

The clocking app will also supply a Geotag of the location of the device when the employee clocks in. The Geotag will give a link through to a grid reference in Google maps showing the location of the device (for audit purposes).

Employee Self Service

Has the functionality to support home or external workers. Again it provides companies with the ability to ask employees to clock in/out of their working day and there is additional (optional) functionality within Employee Self Service that will allow home workers to register time against a project, client account, job or task.

This can be operated in real-time or after the event.

Please note, the Employee Self Service web portal will not Geotag the clocking location.

Working from Home / Isolation codes

As a business you may want to differentiate between absences for COVID-19 and other sickness absences for your end of year reporting and to assist in the repayment of SSP.

As a reminder you can create new absence codes within the system and set parameters of how they interact with Absence, Bradford Factor, TOIL, FLEXI, Holiday balances, Reports and exception flags. You can also use the code to differentiate home working, i.e. not absent, not in the fire register yet still paid (similar to how a business pass out would function).

If you have a current Time and Attendance user manual, please refer to page 41 on how to create new codes. Please do remember that great care must be taken when creating and using new codes as Ceequel® is highly configurable. It is imperative that the new code and it’s selected options, adequately reflects the pay, notification and reporting rules that you wish to apply.

If you require further information on Facial Recognition Terminals, Key Fobs, Proximity Cards, Clocking Apps, Employee Tracking or require a copy of the latest TAUser Manual, then please feel free to contact us on 01257 256000.

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