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Recruitment…….The Covid Way

Without it sounding like just another soundbite but the world of HR has changed……. forever.

In the wake of the devastating tsunami damage that Covid-19 has brought to businesses across the UK, what does the future hold for Human Resources and recruitment?

When companies are once again ready and confident to commit to a recruitment drive, will there be Zoom and Team interviews until the ‘virtual ink’ is dry on the contract? Or will they be masked up, gowned up, latex gloves at the ready, face-to-face interviews?

If candidates ARE permitted within a 5 mile radius of your building, will it be smart casual dress for those face-to-face interviews or will it be replaced with ‘designer hazmat’ at Reception and worn until the candidate is a fully-fledged, temperature checked, cough and Covid-free member of your team?

Interestingly, will temperature checks become as compulsory as clocking in and making ‘The Boss’ a brew?

All joking aside and with the 1 metre pub (sorry PLUS) rule imminent the hoops and hurdles that Human Resources have had to jump through to get even this far have been challenging, never mind being “Open for Business” again.

As we all try and regain some degree of normality, recruiting after the lockdown is now another major hurdle to not only embrace but master.

E-Doc sign software for contracts was already in widespread use prior to the pandemic, however in the wake of the outbreak there has been a surge of interest in the software. Is this now the way forward, remote interviews, coupled with E signatures and then on to remote working?

As the country tentatively unlocks and if you have never contemplated or even considered a Biometric Time Management System for your employees before, now could be the right time for you to begin planning and implementing a system for your shop floor.

Whatever Human Resources has in store for its future, ELF Productivity Ltd is here to guide, assist and help you through the transitional minefield. With almost 40 years’ experience of Time and Attendance computer software, we guarantee that at least one of our many Ceequel® software modules will not only appeal TO you but work FOR you.

ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® software, supporting, upholding and helping all our clients during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

If you are interested in a Biometric Time Management system for your HR and Payroll department, contact ELF Productivity Ltd today on 01257 256000 for a free, no obligation demonstration and quotation of Ceequel® software suite.

Or, if you prefer, our brochure catalogue can be downloaded here.

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