REVEALED - UK Workers Don't Like Mondays!

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I know what you're thinking and let's face it, you're probably right…


Now that we've got that out of the way, according to statistics derived from a recent survey which collected over 9,000 responses from 80 organisations throughout the UK; in the first six months of 2017, NINE of the top ten days with the highest rate of absence were MONDAYS. However, despite Monday's domination of the UK employee absence charts, a TUESDAY was revealed to be top of the pops! This statistic is a little misleading though as the Tuesday in question was the 3rd January, which for many of us was very much a Monday wrapped in Tuesday's clothing!

The survey also divulged the time when employers are most likely to receive the dreaded phone call, during which many employees feel the need to channel their inner Ferris Bueller. By some distance, 7AM was the most popular time for staff to call in sick which on positive note, shows that employees tend to give their employers a courteous, early heads up; either that or they're hoping no one has arrived at the office yet!

With regard to monthly findings, the highest absence figures were recorded in March while April retained its 2016 position at the foot of the table.

Despite the light-hearted nature of this post, absenteeism is costly to all organisations and poses a considerable threat to workplace productivity…

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