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School’s Out

You know the scenario, childcare is all booked when suddenly, without warning and usually via text or email as is the normal notification method these days, the deal is off!

It’s awkward enough when it’s a professional organisation reneging on the arrangement but when family bail, it can cause undue frustration.

Now I’m not saying that grandparents don’t love their little darlings but often the thought of having a VERY hyper and over-excited little one racing around their normally calm and ‘zen’ like home interrupting their daily fix of Judge Rinder and Movies-for-Men, can be too much to bear.

In case you didn’t realise, the first half-term of 2019 is here, or almost, depending on your location. And for the motorists that are child-free, the clearest roads all year so far but that’s another story!

What is it about school holidays that takes planning to the extreme, the likes of which are only ever seen and reserved for military exercises?

Easter, summer, Christmas, the planning list is never-ending, and it usually involves reverting to a back-up plan B. Throw in sickness and illness, you get the picture, and this is just the parents!

It goes without question that working parents undertake an intense juggling act, especially when their brood consists of more than the usual 2.4 children, some of whom are not necessarily of school age.

Workplace and childcare, unless you have the luxury of an in-house creche, they don’t usually go together.

Unless you are an employer that walks around blinkered, you will have realised long ago that with holiday prices forever increasing around this time, employees begrudge taking their holiday leave if they suddenly find they have no available childcare.

At the other end of the scale, employees who would prefer to be at home with their family during this time rather than pay for extra childcare, can find themselves stuck in a regimented working shift pattern, with no room for change.

So, what is the solution, what can be done to modify a way of working that both suits and benefits everyone?

Say the words ‘remote’ and ‘flexible’ out loud and management shrink back in horror! Believe it or not, these working options are now not only leading the way for Human Resources current recruitment drive but are by far and away the most popular.

So, is it time for your company to make a change?

ELF Productivity Ltd can help and assist in restructuring your Time and Attendance processes in a way that you never thought possible.

Employee Self Service, CEEQUEL® clocking applications and E-Manager, just three of the CEEQUEL® Human Resource Management tools that can help with such a transition.

Remote clocking, flexible working and working from home, not only a possibility for your business but a reality.

With CEEQUEL® software, rescheduling emergency childcare situations within your business will be relegated where they belong; the past.

If you would like to take know more about the unrivalled software suite that is CEEQUEL® contact us today and take advantage of a free, no obligation quotation and demonstration.

Alternatively, please feel free to download our brochure catalogue here.

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