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School’s Out!

School’s already out for the summer and you’re either working remotely, in a 3-month isolation or like the remainder still heading into work.

Slimming World/AA sessions have already been booked in advance of the 3 stone + predicted weight gain that is set to infiltrate the UK’s population as we binge watch, binge eat and binge sleep our way through lockdown!

UK 2020 Lockdown. It sounds like a bad Gerard Butler film! Life as we know it, placed on hold and held to ransom because of a vicious little virus.

Under normal circumstances the finger would be pointed at the irritating ‘bug’ that is better known as Trojan but unlike Trojan this worm is proving much harder to erase and will require something a lot tougher than Bitcoins to shift it!

Ctrl-Alt-Delete; the default setting for eliminating everything and everyone but as we’ve discovered you can’t just press ‘escape’ in the hope that everything will disappear.

So, what do we do? We do what we have always done, adapt to the situation.

Remote working. Not for everyone as we know, as some workers can’t just ‘work from home’ but for those that can, the current situation could prove to be a real turning point in their careers.

Juggling and rotating work with childcare has never been an easy balancing act, however there’s now a real opportunity and valid option for workers who perhaps had never considered it and for employers who previously hadn’t wanted to entertain or contemplate the idea.

Which brings us to the ‘F word’………furlough.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, nobody had really heard of furlough but with a large percentage of the UK workforce literally out to pasture for at least 3 months what will this time-off reveal not only to the workers themselves but their employers too?

As we are seeing daily, workplaces, particularly manufacturing are turning their companies over to new products. Inventors are revealing new ideas and creations to assist the NHS, whilst other businesses are adapting their products to help plug a gap in the supply chain.

Everybody working together, everyone realising that the UK can step-up and still actually ‘make stuff.’

Once Covid-19 is yesterday’s news, we will look back at this time and realise that it actually helped to bring British manufacturing and British inventions back to life.

Once the UK is through this crisis, we will come out stronger, more resilient and more eager to invest, create and produce. The assembly lines will be in full on production mode.

Made in Great Britain, back on the global manufacturing stage again, where it should be!

ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® software, continuing to support, manage and assist all our clients during the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you are interested in a Biometric Time and Attendance Management system for your workforce, please feel free to contact us on 01257 256000 to arrange a free, no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software suite.

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