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The Return From Costa Del Home

With the biggest paid leave in UK work history slowly coming to an end and with a phased return to work AND school now in the pipeline, Human Resource departments up and down the land are poised to step-up and prepare for the mass return from ‘Costa del Home.’

With the phased return to school now scheduled to begin later in the year the nation’s children have been the ones to not only accept the current status quo but acclimatise to it.

When the mercury started to rise as quickly as the panic, they were the ones that grasped the long, hot lockdown with both hands.

With the added extra curriculum courtesy of the ‘School of Mum and Dad’ they adjusted to remote learning, helped said Mum/Dad deploy Zoom, Houseparty and explained how to Facetime grumpy gramps so actual faces could be viewed as opposed to the usual wall/ceiling/ear!

They created rainbows for their homes, baked banana bread for ’Isolating Nan’ all the time working out to daily gym sessions with Body Coach Joe.

As adults, when do we stop having that easy acceptance and tolerance? When do we stop being curious and open to exploring new concepts or ideas and new ways of doing things?

Mental Health Awareness is now more prevalent than ever, particularly within the workplace. The motto adopted for the recent Mental Health Awareness week is ‘be kind.’ As we all embark on the long road to recovery, what ‘kindness’ awaits employees on the shop floor?

At a time when we have all had to lean on someone either physically, mentally or spiritually, perhaps looking and learning from our children is the answer.

When the shop floors and offices are active once more and the idea of working remotely permanently loses its appeal, will HR uphold what it has learned during this unique time?

When the sounds of children playing in their school playgrounds fill the air again, will we look at them and realise that they played an integral part of helping and supporting US through the crisis; more importantly will we be humble and modest enough to learn from them?

Because after all, they are not only the Britons of this time but the future.

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