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The Top Five Things Employees REALLY Want at Work (apart from more money)


Last month we brought you our top eleven weirdest job interview questions which were presumably devised by employers to sift through the generically predictable interview patter in the hunt for the perfect candidate. However, another testing teaser which delves a little deeper into interviewees’ priorities has piqued our interest this time around…

Rank the following factors by order of importance to YOU: Financial Reward, Praise and Personal Achievement.

Of course, there are people who enjoy successful careers, are no strangers to lashings of adulation and even manage to earn copious sums of money for good measure! However, for those of us who aren’t Premier League footballers, it’s all about reaching a suitable compromise, taking a leaf out of The Rolling Stones’ book if you will… “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need!

Interestingly, a recent survey set out to discover what employees in the UK truly desire within the workplace aside from the somewhat obvious, increase in pay. Throughout this post, we’ll be revealing the top five most popular responses along with a number of examples outlining how Ceequel® Employee Management Software could potentially aid organisations in giving the people what they want.

Ladies and gentlemen, the top 5 things employees really want at work apart from more money…

To Feel Valued – Let’s face it, we spend a substantial amount of time at work and therefore like to feel that our efforts are both valued and appreciated. Although first and foremost, we showcase our skills to pay the bills, other powerful motivational drivers to put on our productive pants include: empowerment, career progression and opportunities to learn new skills. In some instances, a “thank you” or a good old “pat on the back” may even suffice!

Work / Life Balance – For most people, the “real world” exists outside of work and they tend to get itchy feet if they are kept away from it for too long. A job which enables employees to spend more time with their family and friends or greater opportunity to enjoy hobbies and holidays regularly prevails over a high salary, longer hours alternative!

Job Security – The age-old “grass is always greener” saying is pretty apt here. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference and circumstance but there’s a lot to be said for job security. Yes, you may not be earning a fortune but you’re also likely to be spared the long hours, intense pressure to hit targets and the ever-looming axe over your head that comes with it!

Minimal Stress – According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over twelve million working days were lost in 2016/17 as a result of work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Strive to create a workplace that is somewhere where your staff WANT to be; or at the very least, adopt a culture that lightens the tone.

Fairness – By the time you reach working age, you’ve probably deduced that life isn’t fair, if not, don’t worry, YOU WILL EVENTUALLY! Fairness in the workplace isn’t too much to ask, it’s simply a case of promotions and perks going to the employees who deserve them as a reward for their performance, attitude and work ethic. On the flip side, troublemakers, phonies, time thieves and mickey takers should duly receive their comeuppance.

Give the people what they want with Ceequel® Employee Management Software…

Rewarding Top Performers – An intelligent Training, Skills and Resource Matrix is available through Ceequel® Human Resources which enables organisations to identify employees possessing the required attributes to ascend the company hierarchy and coordinate any necessary training and development activities accordingly.

Promoting a Healthy Work / Life Balance – Statistically speaking, firms offering flexible working opportunities tend to enjoy considerable increases in workplace morale and productivity along with significant reductions in employee absenteeism and staff turnover. Whether your employees are looking for more family time or simply an escape from a soul-destroying rush hour commute, Ceequel® Time and Attendance possesses an unrivalled functionality to handle: multiple bespoke shift patterns, grace periods, flexi balances and holiday quotas.

Minimising Stress – Reduce the strain on HR and Payroll with a range of intelligent automated solutions specifically designed to enhance administrative efficiency and eradicate costly human error.

Fairness – Not only is all employee clocking data collated in real-time and processed to the highest degree of accuracy, a range of dynamic absence management solutions are available, enabling companies to eliminate time theft and counteract absenteeism. Furthermore, any productivity issues can be swiftly nipped in the bud with Ceequel® Shop Floor Data Capture.

If you would like to learn more about the dynamic Time and Attendance solutions available through Ceequel® Employee Management Software, please contact ELF Productivity.

Alternatively, for more information regarding Ceequel® Human Resource Management Software or any of our other innovative workforce management software modules, please click here for a range of downloadable brochures.

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