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There’s No Place Like Home

Education both remotely and at school is finally over until September and that means only one thing……summer is officially here!

Holidays can begin or as the UK travel industry have re-branded it, let the ‘staycation’ commence!

#Staycation. With holidays already reserved to spend via ‘Costa del Decking’ this summer, when was the last time any of us chose to take our annual leave in Blighty?

As we emerge from one of the most traumatic times in UK work history, a ‘staycation’ could just be what the doctor if not the Government ordered for UK workers. Coastal, countryside and city destinations all filled with businesses that need a helping hand at this time.

Not convinced and still prefer to jet off?

Given the current climate, is anyone particularly enamoured with the thought of sharing a tin can with 200 + strangers, on a flight loaded with masks and hand sanitiser, accompanied by the type of nervy eye-swivels that only appear when someone is brave enough to clear their throat?

Surely the option to holiday at home this year for that reason alone is more attractive.

Remember when you were a child and the only things that mattered on holiday were candy floss, building sandcastles on the beach and fish and chips, usually in that order. Children don’t particularly care where they holiday, as long as they get to have an adventure.

With UK hotels and hospitality still able to accommodate bookings, supporting local businesses is crucial at this stage of our recovery to provide the country with a much-needed economic boost and to help workers enjoy some welcome R&R time-off.

Perhaps you have always wanted to scale the dizzy heights of Ben Nevis – Bear Grylls style obviously! Maybe now is the time to accomplish that dream. Spending hours outdoors is a proven medicine for a good night’s sleep, as well as being beneficial for both mental health and physical wellbeing.

Given the current climate that’s something we could all profit from once we are back on the shop floor.

Great Britain is an amazing place so why not enjoy a ‘staycation’ this summer? Is holidaying in the UK really so bad?

After all, as Dorothy often reminds us “There’s no place like home.”

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ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® software, assisting, advising and supporting all our clients both remotely and office-based during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

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