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Time and attendance systems are rapidly becoming a necessity for contemporary organisations as they strive to become more productive and profitable. With so many options to choose from, how do businesses go about selecting the ideal solution for their requirements?

When deliberating over multiple time and attendance solutions, it is advised that organisations utilise 'the four factor' categories to compare the various bells and whistles, namely: Attendance & Productivity Tracking Capabilities, Functionality, Adaptability and Integration Capacity.

We will now explore each 'factor' in more detail whilst also introducing the feature-rich, Ceequel® Employee Management Software. Developed in house by award-winning time and attendance systems provider ELF Productivity; Ceequel® is without doubt, one of the most dynamic time and attendance software suites in the world today.

Attendance & Productivity Tracking Capabilities – First and foremost, time and attendance systems enable organisations to track employee attendance effectively from clock card to payroll. Ceequel® Time and Attendance collects and processes all employee attendance data in real-time, to the highest degree of accuracy. Numerous clocking options are available including: biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, proximity cards, key fobs, mobile applications, telephone and email to name but a few. Employee performance and productivity tracking features have also become somewhat of a time and attendance package prerequisite. With Ceequel® employee tracking software, managers are able to view the number of hours that employees have spent working on specific projects or within designated departments.

Functionality – The capabilities of an outstanding time and attendance system go way beyond employee attendance monitoring. Depending on the functionality of the software, organisations can pre-plan departmental staffing levels, quell costly absenteeism whilst significantly enhancing administrative accuracy and efficiency. Ceequel® delivers innovative labour forecasting platforms and shift rostering features, providing organisations with the flexibility to cope with any unforeseen circumstances. Ceequel® also empowers managers in the fight against absenteeism. A thorough insight into all planned, paid, unpaid and unauthorised employee absences is accessible along with 'Exception' and 'Bradford Factor' reports, which detail any unusual clocking and absence traits exhibited by individual employees. Historically time consuming and error plagued payroll administrative tasks are also simplified by the intelligent calculation and automated report features incorporated within Ceequel® which include: basic and overtime hours worked, flexitime, annualised hours, Time Off in Lieu (TOIL), holiday allocations relative to length of service and any other company specific bespoke calculations.

Adaptability – Any new time and attendance system should work around your rules (not the other way around). As all coding is done in-house at ELF Productivity, Ceequel® is infinitely configurable to a client's bespoke requirements. Our motto is 'Providing your rules have some logic, Ceequel® will deal with it.' In other words, as long as your existing processes remain commercially viable; the implementation of Ceequel® will set you on the road to continuous improvement!

Integration Capacity – Integration is key to the success of any time and attendance system with regard to eradicating the input errors and time lost attributable to the double keying of data. All Ceequel® modules share the same database and have been specifically designed to complement each other seamlessly. Using holiday requests as an example. Employees initially submit a holiday request through a Self-Service platform, the request is then either approved or declined by their supervisor utilising a web-based E-Manager module. Should the request be approved, the necessary updates to the employee's records will be carried out automatically in other modules such as Time and Attendance or Human Resources.

If you would like to learn more about Ceequel® Time and Attendance, please contact ELF Productivity. A range of brochures are also available to download from our website, to view the downloads section, please click here.

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