Unnecessary Admin - The Notorious Workplace Time Thief

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It's morning, you arrive at the office and make that all important first cup of coffee before getting on with your daily administrative tasks. You glance at the clock; three hours have passed by and you haven't made a dent…. THE NOTORIOUS WORKPLACE TIME THIEF HAS STRUCK AGAIN!

According to a recent survey, employees spend approximately one third of the working year in the UK carrying out administrative activities. While this may not seem too untoward at first glance, as most jobs usually involve some form of admin at one time or another; respondents also revealed that 30% of their time at work is lost to 'unnecessary' or 'repetitive' admin. This was echoed in another survey, specifically designed to identify the most common areas where UK-based office workers are wasting their time. 'Unnecessary admin' was deemed to be the second most prolific time bandit with fellow repeat offenders: 'meetings' and an 'overflowing email inbox' making up the rest of the top three respectively.

As both surveys were commissioned with the much-publicised UK productivity deficit in mind, respondents also had the opportunity to voice their opinions with regard to improving workplace productivity. 'Better technology' was the overwhelming winner, particularly among HR employees who stressed the need for 'automated solutions'. Additional comments included the eradication of 'time sheets' and other non-value adding 'paper trail' tasks.

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