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We’ll Meet Again…..

Dad’s Army, the iconic TV show that showcased some of our finest actors is now in middle age, a classic series that was birthed from our last great conflict, WW2.

The 8th May 2020 will see the world observe the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2. Sadly, given the current climate there won’t be any formal celebrations, however the unity, camaraderie and solidarity from the 1940’s era is clearly rising again.

A ‘team temperament’ is intensifying as we face and fight a very different enemy.

Many leaders today come equipped with a lot of ‘hot air’ but only when you have been tested through ‘fire’ can you truly call yourself a great leader!

Baroness Karren Brady was once quoted as saying “A real leader faces the music, even when they don’t like the tune.”

Whilst there will always be conflict of some degree in many ‘war-rooms’ how many of your ‘troops’ would step up and follow you into a very different corporate battle?

What type of leader do you think you are and does the private image match up to the reality? In your head are you ‘Stormin Norman’ when the reality is perhaps more Private Pike?

Private Pike, the youngest member of the Dad’s Army platoon and a very much indulged member. Always feared his domineering mother and lacked the confidence to step out, hence the now legendary phrase; “You stupid boy!”

His ‘boss’ of course was Captain Mainwaring, who was as pompous as he was brave and patriotic. With no prior combat experience, he was limited in his key strategic decision-making. He was also jealous of his right-hand man….

Which brings us to his second in command, Sergeant Wilson. An upper-class, public school educated, suave and superior gentleman with a fondness for the ladies. Well, one lady in particular, a certain Mrs Pike!

Lance Corporal Jones, the oldest member of the team. A leader beforehand who liked to reassure everyone whenever a crisis emerged with the renowned phrase “Don’t panic.”

Advice not heeded by Private Frazer and his dour, blunt and woeful, “we are all doomed” stance!

Private Walker, a fit and able-bodied black-market spiv. A shirker who was well-able but preferred to take the easy route.

Finally, we have Private Godfrey, a frail, gentle, amiable medical orderly. An old school gent.

A diverse bunch of individuals and looking at the characters, would you and your team identify with any of them?

Whilst the Dad’s Army unit might not be to everyone’s liking, the one endearing factor they did have was unity…..and a great sense of humour.

Despite everything that is currently happening around the world, we need to adopt the very same solidarity that saw us through WW2.

It’s during our greatest trials that patience, endurance and strength are produced. Only by adhering to the same ‘team solidarity’ that saw our grandparents and great-grandparents witness victory in WW2 will we crush this new enemy.

As our gracious and beloved Monarch has already reminded us, we will get through this time, we will see better days and we WILL meet again.

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