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What’s In A Name?

“So, your name is Molly, why?”

Taken aback by that question? Struggling to think of a suitable answer? In fact, what sort of a reply can you possibly give or be expected to give when faced with that question?

Reported recently by a leading HR magazine, that question was actually put to a potential employee during the interview process.

But it doesn’t end there.

Another question was asked, this time to a different candidate;

“What space phenomenon do you relate to?”

This time around however, the quick witted candidate was faster off the mark and fired back with the response;

“A black hole, because I suck all the energy out of the room”

Very clever!

Let’s be honest, we have all experienced the odd interview/interviewee and here at ELF Productivity we are not immune to it.

Several years ago, we experienced what can only be described as a severe case of emotional attachment and/or trust issues, which involved “the girlfriend” wanting and actually attempting to sit in and attend “the boyfriend’s” interview!

All joking apart, let’s be honest, over the years both employees and Human Resource departments have seen it all during the recruitment process, for further clarification, please refer to our previous blog post; “A Horse Fell On Me – Timewasters vs the Real Deal”

With Brexit now on the horizon and as the country manoeuvres and weaves its way through this complex transitional time, the recruitment process is now no longer about candidates fighting for that key placement. As we inch ever closer to leaving our grouchy European cousins behind, a skills shortage is now emerging as a real possibility.

Candidates leaving the UK for the foreseeable future, have left the door wide open for others to step in and reap the opportunities that are now on offer. Training, flexible/remote working, study support/leave and attractive remuneration packages are now dangled enticingly under potential employees noses.

Where once a replacement could easily be found, companies now need to re-think their whole recruitment strategy and offer flexible working and in-house training as standard options. Throw into the mix the ever increasing retirement age, advancements in digital development, employees having to work until they “drop”; that was a joke by the way, companies have little option but to market their particular brand with a lot more skill, knack and aptitude in what is now, a very competitive market.

But how would you make a good impression? What options would you need to offer, what changes would you have to make with regards to your own processes and procedures, in order to have the best workforce possible?

Let’s go back to the original question, “What’s in a name?”

Say the name ELF Productivity Limited or to its software peers, CEEQUEL® and you have an instantly recognisable brand.

That’s because CEEQUEL® is a name that you can trust.

ELF Productivity Limited has been at the forefront of Biometric Time and Attendance Management systems since 1982.

Where others have failed, CEEQUEL® has prevailed.

Without wishing to sound arrogant, you have to hold a very good deck of cards in your hands to put your head above the parapet and be able to withstand the competition in the Time and Attendance market for over 35 years.

As we progress into another new phase of development, ELF Productivity Ltd remains at the cutting edge, not only in terms of in-house talent but in the sheer vast knowledge of Biometric Time Management solutions that comes only from experience.

With an all-encompassing, fully integrated software solution such as Human Resource Management, your entire workforce can be managed from one central kiosk. This fully integrated CEEQUEL® module can co-exist on the same Time Attendance database or as a standalone HR Management solution.

Employee Self Service,Web-Manager and Shop Floor Data Capture; all come under ELF’s very impressive belt. CEEQUEL® mobile apps for Android, Apple and Windows devices are an added benefit for those employees that prefer to be a little more remote and flexible.

Biometric Access Control with fingerprint and facial recognition will help you monitor and track your entire workforce; whilst Shop Floor Data Capture will help you convert operator performance into performance related pay and bonuses.

CEEQUEL® Time and Attendance software suite has it all.

So what are you waiting for, isn’t it time you became acquainted with a name you can depend on, a Time and Attendance Management solution that continues to live up to its name, time and time again?

If you would like to learn more about the incomparable software suite that is CEEQUEL® Contact ELF Productivity Ltd today today for a free demonstration and no obligation quotation.

For a closer look at CEEQUEL®, our range of brochures can be downloaded here here

ELF Productivity Limited and CEEQUEL® names you can rely on, names you can trust.

Posted by ELF Productivity about 1 year

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