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When Harry Met…….Megxit

In any workplace, despite knowing that the time is right to step away from a senior position, making that move can still prove to be challenging. Whilst no one is predominately enthralled, there’s just no escaping the latest ‘Royal’ step-down.

Harry and Meghan’s imminent departure from the House of Windsor or ‘Megxit’ as it’s become known, has been publicised all over the world.

A manipulative, calculating social climber; terms that have been coined to describe the Duchess of Sussex. Snowflake and ‘under the thumb’ are just two that depict the nation’s favourite Prince.

But are all these labels true or unjust?

When you decide the time is right to step away from something and forge your own path, not everyone will be happy for you.

Obviously, we are not saying that the Monarchy is wrong, quite the opposite. The Queen and the senior Royals do an amazing job but not everybody is cut out for a repetitive and regimented lifestyle.

The Monarchy, a well-oiled machine that has been running for over 1000 years and is still ‘in business’ depicts that something is clearly right. The House of Windsor has to some degree, adapted and changed with the times. To stay ahead of the game, you have no choice.

Leaders are not born they are made and whilst being born into a specific role is considered an advantage, it doesn’t mean that you will a) be any good at it or b) want to work at it your whole life.

As within every ‘Firm’ one size does not fit all. Different methods and ways of working suit different companies as not every person is looking to adopt the traditional, organised 9-5 lifestyle. The laid-back remote and flexible way of working now appeals to a vast majority of employed people.

A lifestyle that can be attained, deployed and enjoyed anywhere in the world.

Remote/flexible working, TOIL, mobile clocking, are all terms coined for the modern business. Different personalities and skills, along with a difference in opinion all come into play in the workplace but when put together with the ‘right solution’, everything ‘just works’.

We shouldn’t be too harsh on Harry and Meghan as they depart from their ‘workplace’. They clearly feel that as working parents, they are now better suited to a more relaxed and less restrictive way of working.

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