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Wintertime Love in The Workplace?


In February we brought you the top five cities and industry sectors where workplace romance is most likely to blossom throughout the UK, now it’s time to reveal WHEN co-workers tend to get all cosy! Drum roll please…

According to a recent workplace relationship study, employees are TWICE as likely to hook up during the WINTER MONTHS with a sizeable 66% of respondents’ relationships beginning during the festive period!  Maybe not so surprisingly, 31% of first kisses between staff members happen at the infamous Christmas party with merriment, mistletoe and one or two alcoholic beverages proving to be a somewhat potent combination!

Of the two thousand UK-based professionals surveyed, almost half had previously dated a colleague at some point during their career, although 38% of them would rather keep such exploits on the down-low for a variety of reasons. Firstly, employers generally aren’t keen on the idea with 26% admitting that they prefer their staff not to get involved with one another. There are some exceptions however, as 12% of workers confessed to dating the boss! Additional cases for keeping things under wraps included dangerous liaisons with married partners which accounted for 20% of all office flings while there was no ‘happy ever after’ for the 15% of employees who revealed that a workplace fling actually cost them their job at one time or another!

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