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After 7, 8 or even 9 weeks of the same 4 walls/garden/bedroom, it’s understandable that the nation has been ‘chomping at the bit’ to get just a little of their ‘pre-corona’ life back.

Therefore, with the Prime Minister’s weekend address that we are to be actively but tentatively encouraged back to work, it has been met surprisingly with some considerable shock.

“What did Boris just say, go outside and what was the other thing? RETURN TO WORK!!”

By locking the country down for several weeks, the nation is now struggling to not only return to work physically but mentally.

When we look back at this time, who will emerge as the real heroes of the crisis and the lock-down?

Will it be the managers who were quick to park their business and furlough staff or the leaders who committed to keep their company going and safely remained open for business?

Will it be the employees who risked all by continuing to commute to their workplace, playing their part in either sustaining the economy or caring for their community?

Will it be the one who worked from home remotely on a makeshift office desk, whilst helping shares in UPS, Tesco and Royal Mail ascend into the stratosphere via their new addiction to online shopping?

Or will it be the ones who sat on their couch, furloughed, relatively risk-free, washing their hands whilst sampling the ‘gins of the world’ and applying Factor 10?

With the revelation that ‘some’ workplace and outdoor restrictions are to be eased the negative reactions the news has brought has exposed both the country’s workers and their management.

Whilst the nation should be thanked to some degree for adhering to the lock-down rules initially laid out by the government, we should now follow the Prime Minister’s cue and gently allow a phased return to work…. for everyone.

Over the coming days and weeks and once businesses have unlocked their doors, Human Resources need to look at introducing, if they don’t already do so, return to work interviews.

If staff are struggling to adjust mentally, HR executives need to get on board with the idea of allowing part-time or flexible working patterns, even going as far as to remain committed to remote working for part of the week.

Whilst the idea of working remotely permanently sounds idyllic while enjoying a mini heatwave the reality for some has proved to be quite different. Slow and unreliable Wi-Fi coupled with sporadic broadband data connections, no ‘real’ conversations and with questionable hygiene and grooming standards emerging, the experience has left some employees if not their managers, more than willing to return to the shop floor.

This is without question a unique and unprecedented time in UK workplace history but here at ELF Productivity Ltd we are confident that you will be able to navigate your entire workforce through the coming months.

Whatever workplace procedures you choose to adopt during this time, ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® Biometric Time and Attendance Management system are here to guide, assist and support you.

Providing your rules have logic, Ceequel® software suite will be able to incorporate ANY working shift pattern that you choose to implement into your workplace.

ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® committed to maintaining and supporting all our clients during the ongoing Corona-virus outbreak.

If you are interested in a Biometric Time and Attendance Management system for your business, contact ELF Productivity Ltd today for a free, no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software suite.

Or alternatively, our brochure catalogue can be downloaded here.

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