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Made In The UK

Remember a time when it seemed that every town had its own Trotters Independent Traders. A ‘Del’ and a ‘Rodders’ on every corner shouting the loudest to get the attention of savvy housewives, drawing their eyes to their latest ‘deal of the day’. No fancy advertising, no gimmicks, just good old-fashioned straight talking, mais oui!…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd about 2 months

School’s Out

You know the scenario, childcare is all booked when suddenly, without warning and usually via text or email as is the normal notification method these days, the deal is off! It’s awkward enough when it’s a professional organisation reneging on the arrangement but when family bail, it can cause undue frustration. Now I’m not saying…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 2 months


“When I fall in love, it will be forever” “Fairy-tales can come true if you’re young at heart” The velvety smooth voices of legendary crooners Nat King Cole and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, classy, iconic and instantly recognisable. Just in case you hadn’t realised it, “Love Is All Around” February 14th is just around the…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 2 months

Culture Trends For 2019

With February just around the corner and the last of the Christmas chocs a distant memory, 2019 is now in full swing. 2019, the year that seemed a long way off in 2016, the year we had ‘the’ vote. Did someone say the ‘B’ word? Well now you mention it…. With our Brexit departure from…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 3 months

ISO 27001 – How Safe Are Your Work Practises?

Everyone is always pleased or as we say in the North “reet chuffed” to gain recognition for any goal or target that has been attained and here at ELF Productivity we are no different. That is why we are so proud to announce, that after a recent audit, ELF Productivity Ltd has been awarded ISO…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 3 months

To Duvet Or Not To Duvet, That Is The Question.

A gentle reminder, just in case you had forgotten……the clocks turn back this weekend. What is that you whisper, “It can’t be, not already, it’s still warm”! After experiencing its hottest and driest summer since the infamous 1976 heatwave, the UK is now tootling headlong into mid-winter. As we prepare to say goodbye to good…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 6 months

A Growing Mature Workforce and What to Do About It

The BBC reported recently on the RSPCA receiving an official warning from the Charity Commission.  The warning was issued after interim CEO Michael Ward received a 6 figure sum as a payoff; allegedly the result of challenging the recruitment process. Michael Ward was appointed interim Chief Executive in June 2017; however he claimed he was…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 7 months

IT and Network Administrator Position

A position has arisen here at ELF Productivity Ltd for an IT and Network Administrator; with a starting salary of £25,000 per annum, depending upon experience, plus company pension. ELF Productivity, based in Wigan, Greater Manchester and authors of the Ceequel® Workforce Management software suite have: • Over 30 years of service management industry experience…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 8 months

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

We’ve all fallen in love with John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson from Car Share.  A series’ which highlighted two work colleagues sharing the daily commute together and introduced us to two of the most popular and adorable characters ever created by Peter Kay and Sian Gibson. Peter and Sian’s witty, comic timing and observational comedy,…

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 8 months

What’s In A Name?

“Say my name, say my name” Have a read of our latest blog post on recruiting and retaining the best staff for your workforce.

Posted by ELF Productivity Ltd 10 months