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Mobile Data Capture

Our productivity solution is aimed at any company, large or small, that needs to collect real-time information regarding the current location and activities of its field-workers. It may be as simple as recording the fact that the worker visited a location at a certain time, or more complex such as you need to record their in and out times, the job number they're currently working on, tasks completed, distance travelled, and any other relevant data.

Location-Sensitive, Mobile Phone Solutions

Mobile field-force solutions are nothing new, but ELF Productivity's are different:

Since it's based on a standard mobile phone, not a complicated and expensive device like a PDA, you don't have to waste time and money equipping your field-workers with an additional device. After all, when they already have one in their pocket that they know how to use they will take good care of it!

Its interface is incredibly easy to use; simplicity is ELF's guiding principle when it comes to the field-worker. Time spent trying to connect to systems and navigate around a mobile application is less time spent on the job! With ELF's solution, the user is permanently connected to the system and they have a few simple options displayed on their phone that can be quickly activated by a couple of key clicks

Location-sensitivity makes the user's life even easier. When the user visits their work location, the system automatically recognises where they are. This means the customer is already identified and only relevant tasks and information is shown to the user

GPS Position

When the field-worker visits a location and activates the GPS positioning option of their mobile phone, the latitude/longitude is identified by the ELF system and matched to a known location, thereby identifying the customer. The worker is presented with a standard set of options on their phone for recording their activities. A GPS-based solution is particularly useful when the worker visits 'floating' locations - i.e. one-offs that are not predefined in the system. In this case, the recorded GPS position is confirmation of their actual presence at the location.

Mobile clocking apps – There’s an APP for that!

We also have mobile and employee self service clocking applications, specifically designed for the iphone and Android range of phones.

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