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ELF Productivity develops Ceequel® Time and Attendance Systems which are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Ceequel® will significantly improve your business in terms of profit and productivity. With over 35 years of industry experience delivering time management and attendance software, we provide exceptional support, unparalleled industry expertise and insider knowledge. ELF's skill-set ensures that the development of Ceequel® time tracking software has always been centred around the provision of a user-friendly platform, serviceable for businesses of all sizes.

A single database for all your Human Resource needs

As Ceequel® modules are designed to integrate into one SQL Server database, it provides a single platform from where all your time management requirements can be administered. Ceequel® modules include:

Time and Attendance Software

Ceequel® Time and Attendance is a dynamic and feature-rich solution aimed at all industry sectors. Providing advanced functionality including (but not limited to) calculation of hours, overtime, flexi-time, TOIL, annualised hours, holiday allowances/accruals, absence management, labour costing/forecasting and flexible reporting. With its user-friendly interface Ceequel® Workforce Management will put you in control.

Human Resource Management

Ceequel® Human Resource software is a fully integrated element of the Ceequel® software portfolio. This highly configurable module covers everything from employee personal details, training requirements and skills matching, to automatable user-generated reports. Streamlining of existing procedures such as return to work interviews, starters/leavers and salary increases are just some of the features within this truly cutting-edge HR business tool.

Access Control

Ceequel® Access Control has revolutionised the way in which hundreds of companies keep their sites secure. Our access control software offers incredible versatility and enables you to limit access to areas of your organisation at the touch of a button. The software can operate over a Local or Wide Area Network allowing for a company-wide, all in one access control solution.

Employee & Activity Tracking

Ceequel® Shop Floor Data Capture software is capable of monitoring employees as they move from one activity to another, recording time spent by means of a simple swipe. The system calculates elapsed time against each activity, taking into account any time and attendance transactions that may have taken place. This way you can view the balance between the times recorded to projects/activities and hours captured by time and attendance.

Employee Self Service

This zero-footprint solution, accessible via any web browser provides each employee with complete transparency to the information stored within Ceequel®. Devolving administrative tasks to employees is now possible including updating of personal details, emergency contacts, bank details etc. In addition, employees can not only request holidays but also check if other colleagues are already absent for the desired duration.


Another zero-footprint solution, accessible via any web browser provides each manager with access to employees working hours, clocking times, personal details and an overview of any absences. Authorisation of holiday requests or overtime can be completed at the click of a button. Real-time visibility of employee attendance is just one of many dynamic features within Ceequel® E-Manager.

ID Badge Design

Providing a full turnkey solution the Ceequel® badge design software allows for unique ID badge design including company logos, employee pictures, database fields and ad-hoc free text. Once your company design is primed, printing multiple badges is no longer an administrative burden. With Ceequel® badges, one badge fits all from Time & Attendance and Access Control to cashless vending.

Hardware for every environment

No matter what your working conditions we have a clocking terminal that will suit. From Biometric facial or fingerprint technology to low-cost barcode or contactless proximity.

Ceequel® A solution that can grow with you

Ceequel® modules are based on Microsoft's SQL Server technology, meaning that they co-exist seamlessly with your existing systems and infrastructure. Ceequel® time tracking software is designed to work for any kind of business in any industry - which has the necessity to understand and manage employee time and attendance. Companies using Ceequel® range from SME's with a single location through to public sector and blue-chip organisations with a dispersed network of locations.

At ELF, we both own and develop in-house, the code (algorithms and binaries) which has made the Ceequel® time tracking software one of the most technologically advanced solutions available in the industry. Because of this - if your company employs unique shift patterns or complex pay guidelines - chances are we can either already cater for or adapt Ceequel® to work with your rules. ELF's dedication to customer support, through the delivery of a highly adaptable, dynamic product - Ceequel®, is one of the reasons why ELF is now seen as one of the fastest growing time management companies in Europe.

Ceequel® - Developed for you

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