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Ceequel® Facial Recognition Announcement!

After leading the way in facial-recognition technology for the last 3 years, here at ELF Productivity Ltd we are delighted to announce that temperature detection is now encompassed into our latest Ceequel® offering!

After testing, testing and more testing, Ceequel® software suite now incorporates a fully functional and accurate temperature detection solution.

Included with facial-recognition is the option for non-contact palm recognition and temperature detection in the latest devices.

The hardware can be used for Clocking or controlling access to site via Ceequel® Access Control on entry systems such as doors and turnstiles, with full workflow notification when temperature readings are too high.

All individual clocking and access times are recorded to include a temperature check, with these actions being both reportable and fully auditable.

If you are interested in a Temperature Detection, Biometric Time and Attendance or Access Control system for your company, contact ELF Productivity Ltd for a free demonstration and quotation of Ceequel® software suite.

Alternatively, Ceequel® brochures can be downloaded here.

ELF Productivity Ltd and Ceequel® software, supporting, advising and maintaining all our clients during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

Posted by ELF Productivity 3 months

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