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They Think It’s All Over……

“They think it’s all over ….it is now!”

Those immortal words, spoken by Kenneth Wolstenholme at Wembley Stadium on 30th July 1966, were in celebration of the glorious and “only” England FIFA World Cup victory. Months of hard toil by the squad had paid off and the country celebrated like never before.

Yes, it’s that time again! The FIFA World Cup in Russia kicks off in just over three months’ time and football fever is already hotting up!

The England team’s expectations are high and given their polished qualification result, so is their preparation. As we get ready to enter into the most special of football tournaments, what are England’s chances this year? Could this be the year that England show up and deliver the greatest football of THEIR time and THEIR generation?

Every four years, homes and workplaces across the country suddenly become engrossed in the national side. Everyone has their opinion on how the team should play and everybody is an “expert”. Football becomes THE number one discussion, as conversations consist of but not exclusively, to the following:-

The Techno Hipster
This particular persona is often found at their local watering hole, usually dressed in skinny chinos, holding a pint in one hand, whilst pontificating to anyone that will listen about statistics, data analysis and the science “behind” the game – all the time caressing his somewhat striking beard!

The Best Wannabe Manager in the World
“What were they thinking of putting HIM into the line-up ……. HE’S USELESS!!!”

The Irksome Colleague
In their head, this person IS Ronaldo! They love nothing more than accosting people for several minutes/hours at a time in the kitchen, by the photocopier etc. Likes to dissect and relive every second of the match with you………… married to the game!

The Fantasy Penalty Taker
This individual knows the exact run-up, angle, time, distance and grass length it requires to take the perfect penalty. They never fail to relay this information during a match, as unlike the England team, THEIR penalties ALWAYS hit the back of the net!

The Suburban Social Climber
This particular neighbour “suddenly” finds that their dog can dribble and head a ball into any net, open window or doorway. They take great pleasure in alerting the entire neighbourhood to this rare feat; usually regaled at their obligatory World Cup Soiree’. For the duration of the tournament, “said dog” is nicknamed “Maradogga”!

Here at ELF Productivity Limited, we too are partial to a World Cup party. The “ELF Boss” is pretty generous in allowing us time-out to watch the game. He’s partial to, pretty much ALL of the post-match chit-chat that ultimately resonates around the company after a “big match”. Refer to “The Best Wannabe Manager in the World” point.

All joking apart, it is fair to say that England loves and enjoys the “beautiful game”.

The odds on England making it through the group stages have increased this year. The team is vibrant and hungry for success. What if this year WAS England’s time?

So, with that in mind, if England were to get through to the knock-out stages once again, what processes are in place for your workplace this summer; to help not only with a jolly “end of term” atmosphere but to manage the “sudden” absence requests?

Have your current processes, like a lot of Premiership players, turned out to be under-performing gaffes? Is now the time for you to “blow the whistle” and show them YOUR “red card”?

ELF Productivity Limited’s, Time and Attendance software suite is the current market leader in automated processes. Key elements within Ceequel® are two remote applications; Ceequel® Mobile Apps and Employee Self Service. These applications, that have been created for Android, Apple and Windows devices, will ultimately improve your Time and Attendance processes. They not only permit employees to clock “in and out” remotely, allowing for a more flexible working pattern but they will also “pin-point” the exact location of your remote workers.

Ceequel® is constantly progressing and we are currently refining our Time and Attendance software with fresh concepts, designs and ideas.

If you would like to know more about the supreme functionality of Ceequel® Software Suite, including our leading Time and Attendance modules; the downloadable catalogue of brochures can be found here.

Contact ELF Productivity today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software and make 2018 the year that you “strike out” and gain a winning team-mate for your company.</

Posted by ELF Productivity 8 months ago

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