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Fingerprint Clocking System

Fingerprint Biometrics provides a stable solution for identity mapping within Ceequel® Time & Attendance and Access Control

Fingerprint Clocking System

Every single person on the planet has a fingerprint that is utterly unique to them. Our fingerprint clocking machines work by taking a snapshot of a fingerprint and producing an image. From that image, a fingerprint clocking in machine extracts the unique features of each fingerprint and then saves them as a template.

All the system needs do is compare the features of any fingerprint presented at any given access point with the features of the fingerprint templates in the database. By comparing the similarity between two feature sets, it can quickly decide whether the two fingerprints match or not. More importantly, by using this method individual fingerprint data is not actually stored in the database, thereby completely eliminating the risk of biometric identity theft.

Instantaneous and secure identification

The employee simply places their finger in the reader and within one second is identified and clocked into attendance.

Fingerprint data is stored as a mathematical algorithm and cannot be used for any purpose other than identifying the employee for data collection purpose.


Buddy clocking, a process where one employee enters another's details for them, can be eliminated by using this technology. The system will request either a PIN number or card swipe, and then require validation by the employee fingerprint. The fingerprint is then compared to both the template itself and the employee's pin number or card swipe.

Once the employee's identification has been verified, this information can be passed to the Ceequel® software for processing where the employee's attendance is instantly logged.