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A Growing Mature Workforce and What to Do About It

The BBC reported recently on the RSPCA receiving an official warning from the Charity Commission.  The warning was issued after interim CEO Michael Ward received a 6 figure sum as a payoff; allegedly the result of challenging the recruitment process.

Michael Ward was appointed interim Chief Executive in June 2017; however he claimed he was a victim of age discrimination when a younger candidate was appointed to the role permanently.  He stated that he did not get the permanent post due to his age and the RSPCA subsequently paid out a sum well over his £150,000 salary.

How old is Michael Ward?

Michael is 57 years old.

Every day there appears to be something else reported in the media, whether that is social or economic, regarding an ever present, growing, ageing workforce.

Surely workers shouldn’t be made to feel that they have nothing else to offer within the workplace, once they have reached 50 and beyond?

Sadly, discrimination on the shop-floor and indeed the office isn’t new.  Workers from all sides of the social spectrum have experienced it.

From part-time workers, to new parents returning to work and finding their position isn’t the one they left behind when they embarked on their maternity/paternity leave.  Inexperienced adolescents on training schemes, or mature workers considered “too long in the tooth” for a real shot at promotion or leadership.

How times have changed.

Thirty years ago, had you decided to carry on working after the ages of 60 and 65 respectively, you would’ve been looked at incredulously.

Sadly in today’s economic climate that is not the case and unfortunately for the majority, it is not a choice.

Today the country has a serious issue right under its nose; a very real mature workforce and it is G R O W I N G!

The retirement age in the UK has risen considerably.  From next year the State Pension Age will increase again for both men and women, rising to 66 by October 2020.  Another increase by the Government is planned between 2026 and 2028, where it will then rise from 66 to 67 years.

State pensions saved hard for retirement, now not accessible until the worker is almost 70!

The pride and joy that is our NHS has certainly done its job well over the last 70 years but at the same time, it probably hasn’t helped.  With better and more accessible healthcare, the NHS has become a victim of its own success.

With improved standards of living and better employment rights, people are now quite easily reaching 90 and 100 years old, however, with no real structure in place to provide for this ageing population, the mature workforce has little or no option but to carry on working.

Workers in their 70’s or even 80’s are being reported as to still be “clocking in” via the national and local media.

So, what do we do about it and what methods are you putting into place to take care of the “Baby Boomer” and subsequent “Generation X” age groups?

With the onset of AI, you as an employer not only have a duty of care but a responsibility to re-train your mature workforce.  With remote and flexible working now becoming more and more mainstream, this is the most obvious option available, for ALL your employees.

With a more generational workforce in place, companies will have the benefit of both worlds; youth and vitality vs experience and wisdom.

With that information on board, if you haven’t looked at the options out there to cater for your employees, isn’t it time that you did?

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