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The Pitter-Patter Of Tiny “Royal” Feet


The arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child is now imminent. All babies are special but somehow the birth of a “Royal Baby” brings with it an extra something, an extra special sparkle

The Great British public have always rejoiced when a Princess or “Duchess”, is due to give birth. The time spent waiting outside the hospital for any news, fades into insignificance once the baby has been born, as they happily celebrate with the Royal couple.

The obligatory photo-call on the steps, that all-important first glimpse of the new infant Prince or Princess are unique moments, happily shared, documented in time forever.

Yes, it’s reasonable to say a Royal Birth is somewhat unique.

So, what happens once everyone is back at Kensington Palace and the real hard work begins? What of William and Kate as parents to three small children – as maternity and paternity leave goes, this “time off” is pretty extraordinary.

With regards to Prince William’s role, he is a future King and as a full time Royal, he still has obligations. On the flip side however, he is just like any other husband and father; he will still need and want time off, not only to help Kate but to have that cherished bonding time with his new baby.

By having baby number three, are William and Kate, global modernisers that they both are, setting a trend by moving away from the traditional 2.5? Is now the time that we are going to see a return and an inclination towards a desire for larger families?

By putting careers first, people are also choosing to start their families later in life. Fathers are currently more likely to take their paternity leave than ever before. With that information in mind, workplaces and “palaces” need to be confident that they have the necessary processes in place, in order to manage their mandatory leave of absence. Maternity and paternity leave is perhaps going to become a bigger topic in the coming years.

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is another choice that parents have, something which, depending upon your circumstances can prove to be an attractive option. No doubt this is something, as an impending mother of three, the Duchess of Cambridge would be happy to consider.

Maternity and paternity leave; shared or not, needn’t be a daunting experience for any Human Resource Department. With the right processes in place, this scheduled leave/time off CAN be managed appropriately.

ELF Productivity Limited’s, Time and Attendance Ceequel® software suite is the current forerunner in automated processes; our leading array of software contains a centralised Human Resource module which will enhance your Time and Attendance processes. This module comprises, amongst others, an absence view that encompasses all elements of Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave. Another division of the Human Resource module is Training and Development. This field will prove to be an extremely useful tool, especially if you require or need extra training for that scheduled maternity cover.

The Graphical Absence View and Planner will also provide you with an overview of an employee’s absence for any selected year – thus allowing time for future planning.

Flexible-working, part-time working, complex shift patterns, TOIL (Time off in Lieu) – no – these are not scenarios from the day in the life of a typical Royal, they are just a few of the other complexities that ELF Productivity Limited can also help you with.

So, with that in mind are you in need of an extra “majestic” safe pair of hands for your company? Do you need a “regal” and sophisticated software system to help you stay up to date with all the Human Resource developments in your company? If so, choose the best Human Resource module on the market, choose ELF.

If you would like to know more about the supreme functionality of Ceequel® Software Suite, including our leading Time and Attendance modules; the downloadable catalogue of brochures can be found here.

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