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Temperature Detection Clocks

Improve your process flow for staff clocking in, by automatically reading their body temperature on entry.

Touchless Biometric Solution with Body Temperature Detection

After leading the way in facial recognition technology for years, ELF Productivity is pleased to announce that Body Temperature Measurement is now embedded within CEEQUEL®.

This technology is no longer science fiction, touchless biometrics are now a must in this new COVID-19 pandemic world. Introducing clocking hardware which not only captures clocking data but at the same point records the employees body temperature is now becoming one of the most effective ways to protect your employees and your business.

Body temperature measurement can be used in association with CEEQUEL® Access Control, installed on to turnstiles and doors. Denying access to people with out of range temperature readings, immediately informing key personnel by alarm and email.

The real-time reporting within CEEQUEL® ensures you know exactly who has been on site, when and through fully auditable data, the person's temperature on any day or range of dates.