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Access Control

From one Door to multiple estates managed by a single server instance - Ceequel® protects business premises, your intellectual property and your employees.

Access Control Overview

Ceequel® Access Control Software has revolutionised the way in which hundreds of companies keep their sites secure. Our access control software offers incredible versatility and enables you to limit access to areas of your organisation at the touch of a button. The Ceequel® Access Control Systems can operate over a Local or Wide Area Network allowing for a company-wide, all in one access control solution.

Every access point can be given a list of personnel who are allowed access and each of these individuals can have their access limited to a specific time of day, days of the week or even days within the year. Access tables are controlled from a central point, so you can add and remove persons with a minimum amount of clerical effort.

View our Access Control timeline to see it's usage over an average day.

Integration with Time and Attendance

Ceequel® Access Control systems offer a fully integrated solution for all your access control needs by utilising the same ID cards and hardware as our Time and Attendance system. The data collected can be used exclusively for Access Control or in conjunction with Time and Attendance, Fire Register and Employee Tracking, thus removing the need for duplicate swipes.

Our access control systems also share the same database with our other modules, including Time and Attendance, Human Resources and Employee Productivity Tracking. Such integration means that employee data is stored once in one database for all systems, making for a robust, secure database, where everything is connected to a single source. Once a leave date is entered into any one of the modules, the employee's card will prohibit access as of that date.

Where required, access times can be linked to the employees' shift patterns themselves and access can be restricted when an employee returns to work after a particular type of absence, something of particular use within the food industry. All access permissions can be set up within time and attendance and these can be based on an individual, group or shift pattern basis making our access control system a truly unique and fully integrated solution.

One Size Fits All

There are various types of security mediums available for identifying an employee including proximity cards, fobs, fingerprint biometric or simple barcode readers. Where a card is used, our access control solution includes an additional software package that allows you to design a company ID card from the ground up including logo, name, department, photo and so on. This one card can then be used for access to the premises, time and attendance, sight identification and even cashless vending. This last feature allows the card to store and top up a predefined amount of money that can then be spent on the premises, in vending machines or in the canteen.

Demands on companies are constantly in motion and it's sometimes important to be able to limit access to areas of their organisation where expensive stock and or equipment may be located or confidential information may be stored. Our package offers an effective way of both denying access and, just as importantly, allowing the efficient authorisation of entry.

Vehicle Access

As lockdowns and requests to work-from-home are becoming part of everyday life, the necessity to control access to your company’s properties has never been more important. ELF Productivity is the torch-carrier within the UK Market providing both external and internal facial recognition access control. By integrating this with Ceequel’s License Plate Recognition Technology and Visitor Management System, companies can secure their sites through one solution.

Vehicle LPR (License Plate Recognition) or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is now available within the Ceequel product range.

LPR camera's can be integrated into existing barriers or gates to automate your company’s site arrival experience. On approach to a your sites’ barriers or gates, vehicles can be granted or denied access based on your policies!

Fully comprehensive audited reporting is available from within the Ceequel Software Suite and integration with Ceequel Visitor Management System is also available.


For visitors, deliveries or ad-hoc access, ELF Productivity Ltd provides a range of IP based intercoms. IP based intercoms can be embedded into your company’s VIOP telephone system (requires telephony providers support) to maximise efficiencies of hunt-groups and out-of-office functionality. From audio only to full colour video, dedicated handsets or mobile apps - ELF Productivity has the right solution for your business needs.

Biometric Access Control

We can also offer the very latest in biometric fingerprint access control technology. Each access point can be keyed to a unique set of fingerprints so you can be absolutely certain that only the authorised personnel have permission to gain access to high security areas.

Our hardware is weatherproof and has a fully integrated backup proximity smart card/fob reader. All communications utilise TCP/IP and when using multiple devices, the distribution of fingerprint templates is seamlessly integrated with Ceequel® Access Control.


Where access control is being used to provide an accurate fire register there is always the issue of tailgating (where an employee holds the door open for the next person - removing the requirement for the next employee to swipe). We offer a number of innovative solutions to this potential safety risk such as the installation of a turnstile or, where this is not possible the inclusion of an infra-red beam to detect if more than one employee goes through the door. This will sound an alarm and/or send a message to the admin user. This allows administrators to collect fire register transactions from either the time and attendance terminal(s) or via simple reader plugged into a USB port on any PC which is normally located in the reception or main entrance.

Fire Register & Health and Safety

Health and safety are always on a company's mind and with our system software you can easily monitor and meet fire and safety regulations. Each door, barrier or turnstile can be identified as an area where transactions mark the employee in or out of the fire register and as these transactions are collected real-time, an accurate up to date fire register is always close to hand. Multiple fire muster points can be configured within the system and the fire register can be set to automatically print to any and all network printer(s), be emailed to multiple addresses or even sent to Blackberry or iPhone devices as soon an alarm is sounded. The system will also respond to the alarm by opening access control doors automatically.

Time To React

Since all the data is collected in real-time and is instantly accessible from a central location, you'll always have access to the most up to date information thus enabling a rapid response to situations as they arise. Managers and supervisors can see on screen employees as they arrive for work or in the event of an emergency, a list of all employees who are on site.

Reporting & Auditing

Managers can also view date and time stamped data, letting them know when and where employees have been granted or denied access. This information can be retrieved through the main software or, if Ceequel® E-Manager module is installed, via any PC with Internet capability.

Access Control Equipment

We can provide all the hardware you'll need to make your site secure. Our range of specially designed electronic access control equipment is robust and capable of operating in the most hostile of environments.

We can advise you on the selection of the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your requirements and we'll ensure that the equipment will be strategically positioned so that employees simply need to present their identification card and enter authorised areas with the minimum of fuss.

The Ceequel® Access Control system provides an impressive array of safety and security features that limit access into areas of your business by integrating with the following equipment:

  • Barriers
  • Turnstiles
  • Door Locks
  • Fast Lane Personnel systems
  • Cycle Compounds
  • Audible or visual alarm systems

A Turn Key Solution

We provide everything you need to ensure that all aspects of access control are covered. We supply all the skills, and all the hardware so installation is completely hassle free. This complete package includes:

  • Software and software installation
  • Training
  • Computer hardware and installation
  • Cables and cabling
  • Associated hardware
  • Electronic data capture equipment
  • Joinery lock fitting
  • Project Management
  • Closed circuit TV

Security and Peace of Mind

Where additional security is required, we can provide it by adding a key pad where a unique pin number can be entered. The system will compare the pin number with the ID card itself and deny access if an incongruity is detected. Additional features include:

  • Lost ID cards can be removed from the system immediately. A new card can be provided with the minimum amount effort
  • Unmanned reception doors can be fitted with an intercom so visitors can announce their arrival and the door can be released
  • Employees can be tracked as they move around the company; each swipe is time and date stamped and recorded. Unsuccessful attempts to enter restricted areas are recorded separately
  • Turnstiles or any access point can be set to limit re-entry so that any given card will only grant access if it has been used for exit and/or a period of time has elapsed
  • Visitors and temporary workers can be issued with a card that grants access only for a predefined period of time
  • Doors can be rendered available for free access at certain times of the day and locked automatically at other times
  • Doors can be controlled for entry and exit or entry only; in this instance, exit can be controlled by infra-red sensors or egress buttons
  • The amount of time that the door is left open following a successful swipe is controllable by you and each door can be set independently. If you wish we can fit a buzzer to the lock so that the employee is aware the door has been activated
  • Doors that have been wedged open can be fitted with sensors so that the system controller is made aware
  • Real-time information can be provided on the screen or by the use of indicator panels showing employees currently in sensitive areas

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