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A Horse Fell On Me – Timewasters Versus The Real Deal

“I’m sorry I can’t attend the interview today, but a horse fell on me”

Believe it or not, this is a genuine excuse from a potential employee, as told to a leading HR magazine, under their heading …..… “I can neigh-make it”. Recruitment is no joke, so what would you do to attract not only the best of the job-seekers out there, but separate the time-wasters from the genuine article?

Every company wants to attract the best in their field.  Flexible working, well-being and benefits are just a few of the usual enticements, but what else would you have to do, to not only attract the best talent but also retain them? Is it high salary that brings in the best?  Not necessarily so. You will find that in most cases, it is your reputation or brand that usually attracts any potential employee, word of mouth, still holds some “clout” (as we say in the North), whether that be face to face or via social media.

If an employee is aware that they’re appreciated by their significant managers, this is quite simply “gold” to a company, as it usually signifies that the company is caring, stable and forward thinking.  An employee’s confidence and self-esteem is lifted and they feel well looked after. Any company or manager that does or doesn’t grasp hold of this “nugget” will reap their own individual reward! To a significant number of individuals, going home at the end of the working day and knowing that they’ve not only contributed to but finished a great job still holds some weight.  People still want to work for a good, well thought of company, a place where they don’t just clock in, clock out and take home a salary.

Lack of support and progression in the workplace, has been shown to be a major demoralising factor.  A happy and enthusiastic workforce is the engine of any company, therefore senior management need to engage or touch base on a regular basis with all their employees to make sure that everyone is happy and enthusiastic. Once you have the key elements of Human Resource Management in place, attracting and retaining the right staff will not be an issue.

This is where we at Elf Productivity Ltd authors of Ceequel® Software Suite come in, as our Time and Attendance software and knowledge is unrivalled. Elf Productivity Ltd’s Human Resource Management and Shop Floor Data Capture modules have key elements that incorporate all of the above.

Ceequel® Shop Floor Data Capture includes an Incentive Scheme Calculation, which is particularly popular within industrial companies.  This module converts individual operator performance with performance related pay.  The benefits of this are increased accuracy and any bonus calculations identified, will export to the payroll immediately. No employee wants to have to constantly chase up their manager or payroll department, be that for a bonus or an increase in earnings! Elf Productivity Ltd’s Time and Attendance system puts an end to all of that, with its fast and accurate monitoring, 24 hours a day.

Elf Productivity’s Human Resource Management module is a fully centralised HR system.  Key features within this module are Training, Flexible Benefits and Appraisals, elements that are productive to both employer and employee.

When a new employee starts work, the list of tasks that the Human Resource department have to work their way through can be draining.  You probably feel like you have already run a marathon after just the recruitment and interview stages. Elf Productivity Ltd’s unmatched Time and Attendance software takes away all the hard work from this time consuming process, even more time consuming if you are still using manual and outdated methods.

Here at Elf Productivity Ltd we have had, like everyone else, our own recruitment experiences (I must admit, no horses though) which is why we are best placed to understand what Human Resource and Payroll Departments want. We are continually developing our modules with new ideas and new ways of making Time and Attendance software processes, simpler, faster and easier.

Keep the staff happy and you are halfway there, don’t have a factory shutdown or mutiny on your hands from disgruntled and underappreciated employees……….. naming no names Mr President!

You use valuable time attracting and recruiting the best, so why not put your time into your automated processes and invest in the best, invest in ELF.

Contact ELF Productivity today for a free no obligation quotation and demonstration of Ceequel® software.

If you would like to learn more about the unrivalled functionality of Ceequel® Software Suite, including our flagship Time and Attendance offering; a range of downloadable brochures can be found here.

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