Shop Floor Data Capture - Employee tracking

Ceequel® Shop Floor Data Capture software is capable of monitoring employees as they move from one activity to another, recording time spent by means of a simple swipe. The system calculates elapsed time against each activity, taking into account any time and attendance transactions that may have taken place. This way you can view the balance between the times recorded to projects/activities and hours captured by time and attendance. By linking up with manufacturing systems you'll be provided with accurate real-time intelligence on individual and general performance rates.

The cost of a job well done

When manufacturers are sub-contracted to work on high value projects our job costing program is the ultimate cost calculation and analysis module. It identifies and accurately records all hours chargeable to a project and then quickly converts labour and machine time into monetary value computing the project progress through every department and highlighting any necessary adjustments.

Such precise actual costs and completion forecasts provide an indispensable project management tool, which thanks to a maintained historical database can also enable more accurate future estimating.

Machine Tracking
Machine Tracking

Activity Tracking

Our activity tracking module allows for the capture of real-time information about a specific project as it progresses through your organisation. Ceequel® can compare how long a job has taken against your standard time database or target/budget time meaning that performance related pay can be calculated and automatically passed on to payroll.

Machine Monitoring

Our machine monitoring provides a crucial service to optimise the efficiency of all your manufacturing equipment. It can help to avert costly machine downtime by instantaneously identifying problems as they emerge calculating all machine costs per hour and assisting you in making the decision to purchase new equipment or not. There is simply no better way to monitor and control your manufacturing process.

More Information

To find out more about our Shop Floor Data Capture module, contact our sales team, who can guide you through the benefits and tailor a customised solution that can streamline your organisation's processes.