Introducing our latest terminals.

We're constantly evolving and improving our technology and our latest terminal represents cutting edge proven technology with superb reliability records. The Online Personal Time and Information Management Utility System (OPTIMUS) is the result of over 30 years industry experience and offers functionality far beyond the old fashioned time and attendance and payroll terminals.

Next Generation Clocks

On the outside you'll find a large, easy to read display and familiar ATM-style interface. On the inside you'll find the solution to all your time and attendance needs controllable from an ordinary PC. The OPTIMUS station is a full-service/self-service terminal that allows for both the input and output of information with functionality that helps HR professionals manage their business by providing instantaneous intelligence.

The PRODIGY is for those who demand a rich suite of features at an affordable price: plug and play, web services, customised function keys, optional biometrics, smart cards and more! Biometric options protect employees' personal information and eliminate costly buddy-punching.

We constantly work with our partners to ensure that all of our systems are designed to function in the most demanding of environments and for those who demand more: plug and play, web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customisation, varied auto-ID readers and biometrics are just some of the features that we include in our packages. We've managed to cram years of workforce management expertise into one easy-to-use module that greatly simplifies both development and integration. The MAXIMUS maintains the highest level of quality and reliability - not to mention the most robust terminal in the business thanks to its die-cast aluminium housing.

Time to react

All of this gives you the time needed to react to problems as they occur. Shop floor data is collected in real time and is instantly accessible from any authorised client PC. This up-to-the-minute information enables rapid response to situations as they arise.

Employee managers can see on screen employees who have not arrived for work or in the event of an emergency, a list of all employees who are on site can be produced at any time of the day or night. Exceptions are highlighted so that managers can take action to authorise action as close to the event as is possible.

IT5x Range

Trust the Experts

Data Capture Terminals

We will assist you in selecting the most suitable electronic time and attendance terminals from a range of specifically designed data capture equipment, some of which are capable of operating in the most hostile of environments.

Data can be captured using a variety of different media types including barcode, proximity (by contact-less card or fob), fingerprint, hand recognition and even face recognition.

We'll place the terminals in strategic locations around the site so that employees can record their attendance and/or productivity by simply presenting their card, fob or biometric equivalent.

Each terminal is always connected to your network; they simply need plugging into your existing Ethernet points so there's no need to install additional cabling.

The data capture terminals can be configured so that employees can receive messages at the point of entry or they can request information on say an individual's holiday balance, hours worked to date or simply check the last transaction.

Indicator panels can be connected and can highlight the attendance of key personnel. All your company's clocks and data capture terminals can be synchronised so that they all read precisely the same correct time.

If required, the terminals can activate sirens to provide an audible reminder for shifts and breaks.

Our virtual terminal is a software implementation of a conventional hardware clock terminal. The advantages of the virtual terminal are manifold. It offers flexibility, has a user friendly appearance, is extremely robust and has the ability to run on almost any Windows based hardware.

The virtual terminal can be configured to provide a host of new features that could not previously have been implemented using the hardware clock terminal. With our software, users can access real time updates, and the editing and monitoring of data sets by authorised personnel could not be simpler.

Our virtual terminals are in use at hundreds of client sites and we are one of the fastest growing time management organisations in the UK. As with all our software we are happy to customise it to meet your exact specification. Our virtual terminals are endlessly adaptable and can prove a useful addition to companies of all sizes. The ability to not only check data in real time but also to trace historical patterns and trends will prove an invaluable aid to your organisation.

Virtual Terminal Solutions

Mobile Data Capture

Our productivity solution is aimed at any company, large or small, that needs to collect real-time information regarding the current location and activities of its field-workers. It may be as simple as recording the fact that the worker visited a location at a certain time, or more complex such as you need to record their in and out times, the job number they're currently working on, tasks completed, distance travelled, and any other relevant data.

ELF Productivity Powered By Reslink

Location-Sensitive, Mobile Phone Solutions

Mobile field-force solutions are nothing new, but ELF Productivity's are different:

  • Since it's based on a standard mobile phone, not a complicated and expensive device like a PDA or a smartphone, you don't have to waste time and money equipping your field-workers with an additional device. After all, when they already have one in their pocket that they know how to use they will take good care of it!
  • Its interface is incredibly easy to use; simplicity is ELF's guiding principle when it comes to the field-worker. Time spent trying to connect to systems and navigate around a mobile application is less time spent on the job! With ELF's solution the user is permanently connected to the system and they have a few simple options displayed on their phone that can be quickly activated by a couple of key clicks
  • Location-sensitivity makes the users life even easier. When the user visits their work location, the system automatically recognises where they are. This means the customer is already identified and only relevant tasks and information is shown to the user


An RFID tag is attached to each location the field-worker visits. Several tags could be placed inside or outside one building if needed. Tags can be the self-adhesive label type (for internal use) or more robust external ones. When the worker visits the location they simply touch the tag with their mobile phone to read it. This identifies where they are and what type of location they are at, allowing the phone to present them with a set of context-sensitive options.

Mobile RFID Technology

GPS Position

When the field-worker visits a location and activates the GPS positioning option of their mobile phone, the latitude/longitude is identified by the ELF system and matched to a known location, thereby identifying the customer. The worker is presented with a standard set of options on their phone for recording their activities. A GPS-based solution is particularly useful when the worker visits 'floating' locations - i.e. one offs that are not predefined in the system. In this case, the recorded GPS position is confirmation of their actual presence at the location.

GPS Data Capture


These are similar in concept to RFID tags except that a barcode is placed at the location. The main operational advantage to using barcodes is that they may already be present at the location. However, since they are not as robust or secure as RFID tags an additional barcode scanner is required that communicates with the mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection. Also, unlike RFID tags, a barcode cannot identify its 'type', meaning the phone must present a standard set of options rather than context-sensitive ones.

Mobile Barcode Technology

More Information

If you require more information regarding our range of data capture solutions feel free to contact our sales team. They'll be happy to offer a solution that is tailored to your needs.