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From Clockings-to-Pay to Shop Floor Data Capture, Ceequel® Provides the Data to Improve Productivity

What we Offer

ELF Productivity has been a leading supplier of workforce management solutions to the UK food processing industry for some time now. We understand the complex nature of the challenges faced by organisations in this sector and this is reflected in our feature-rich Ceequel® modular offering.

Coordinate employees 'working around the clock' with our intelligent time and attendance systems; restrict access to specific areas of your site with our access control solutions and limit the impact of absenteeism with our absence management software.

What Ceequel® can offer your industry

Here are some of the outstanding Ceequel® solutions currently used by a number of leading food processing companies:

Developed and supported by ELF Productivity, Ceequel® can be tailored to satisfy your bespoke requirements. For more information regarding Ceequel® Employee Management Software or to request a demonstration, please contact ELF Productivity.

Ceequel® - Developed for you

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