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Eradicate Time Sheets and Underpin Your Service - Ceequel® Provides Accurate Reliable and Real-Time Information Across Multiple Contracts

What we Offer

Reliable Time and Attendance Solutions for Recruitment Agencies Keeping track of candidates working in various companies, across numerous locations can be extremely difficult for recruitment agencies. ELF Productivity provides a range of time and attendance solutions to UK-based recruitment agencies, enabling them to track candidates, ensuring that they clock in at a designated location on time and identify suitable candidates for specific vacancies based on employment history and qualifications. Our software can even communicate with an external client's time and attendance clocks, providing greater transparency for all parties.

What Ceequel® can offer your industry

Here are some of the outstanding Ceequel® solutions currently used by a number of leading Retail companies:

Developed and supported by ELF Productivity, Ceequel® can be tailored to satisfy your bespoke requirements. For more information regarding Ceequel® Employee Management Software or to request a demonstration, please contact ELF Productivity.

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