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Time & Attendance

Complex shift premiums or simple process improvement. Ceequel® Time & Attendance will remove the negativity and burden of your clocking to pay processes.

Time & Attendance Overview


The early shift begins, by 06:04 Ceequel Time & Attendance has already applied shift rules to ensure that people turning up before 06:00 don’t get paid overtime, anyone turning up after 06:00 and between 06:03 have been classed as being on time (for payment purposes


Anyone turning up at 06:04, well... they’ve been quartered, as part of the shift rules. All lateness is instantaneously and automatically entered into the employee’s clock card, the Team Leaders / Managers shift register has been updated and exceptions created and notified.


Sally has returned from a period of sickness. As soon as she clocked-in, an RTW (Return to Work) notification has been automatically generated and sent to Neil (her Team Leader). It contains all the questions he needs to ask and an area for him to detail the answers. It also contains her Bradford Factor score, including how many spells and days and it’s calculated as soon as she clocked back in. Neil completes the RTW and it automatically saves it to the backend database. As soon as it’s saved, it’s viewable within Ceequel HR Pro. There’s no double keying of data needed in Ceequel.


Janine, a team leader has been notified of two people being late within her team, they have been spoken to and reasons for lateness have been entered into Ceequel Time and Attendance - that took no time at all.


The Klaxon goes for lunch. It’s pre-programmed within the shift rules and the Klaxon sounds based on the server’s time.


Klaxon sounds and all back on the shop floor. Pete has worked through his lunch. It’s OK though, one click in Ceequel and he gets his lunch paid. No messing about with having to tell anyone or doing manual calculations. It will automatically be added to his pay.


Janine has had two holiday requests come in from direct reports over lunchtime using Ceequel Employee Self Service. She decided to deal with them there and then. All done!! And as the system keeps her fully informed, she has seen that there may be a first aider required for one of the shifts. One click and she’s drafted someone into cover!!! The system will automatically tell the person covering by sending them an email and updating their pending shifts in Ceequel Employee Self Service.


Shift ends, people clock out and leave for the day, however as there are still some orders to get out of the building, some people will work overtime. As Ceequel Time and Attendance has in-excess of 1000 rules per shift, the company know that all premiums, overtime rates and step-ups will be applied automatically and without any manual calculations.


It’s time for the company to run payroll for the week. A quick check that all exceptions are clear and the week can be locked. Click export and the whole process to run payroll for 250 people has just taken under 6 minutes – start to finish.


02:00 in the morning and the building is quiet. Ceequel automatically begins its report generation and distribution. Its set to begin at 02:00 as IT say that the email server is almost dormant at that time. A selection of the 120 reports begins collating data and distributing to their necessary recipients. Finance has had their labour cost report, Operations has had their agency report and productive hour’s reports, and HR has had their Audit and absence correlation reports - all ready and waiting for when people come into work in 4 hours’ time.

Ceequel Time And Attendance has been designed to remove all manual calculations, to simplify the clockings-to-wage process and remove unnecessary administration and costs. We know it’s ahead of other systems, so if you have any manual process in your clocking-to-pay... isn’t it time you changed?

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