It's no secret that administration staff can often be snowed under, with task after task awaiting their attention, so why not employ software that allows your administrators to complete the day to day management of their people online, quickly and easily? Ceequel's e-manager offers endlessly configurable screens which will quickly become an indispensable tool.

Some of the key features include:

  • Provides a list of key skilled employees currently in attendance i.e. First Aiders
  • Lateness and absenteeism reporting
  • Flexitime balances for those firms that allow flexitime
  • Complete removal of unnecessarily paper trails
  • Full transparency to your employees
  • Where applicable provides hours worked by employee on any given activity, job or project.
  • Has an indicator board of which employees are currently in attendance
  • Allows holiday requests be authorised or declined from anywhere with Internet access
  • Has a graphical departmental holiday view with percentage planned absence by day
Ceequel® From Anywhere
  • A full view of each employees' clock cards with the ability to grant permission to edit
  • Allows exceptions to be completed at the click of a mouse
  • A wall chart roster can be displayed, providing the manager with key information such as manning levels and skills availability making it easy to make decisions on shift changes and absence planning

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See our Ceequel® Employee Self Service software here, as part of our web management package.

Infrastructure Options

Since every business invests in different IT infrastructures we've compiled a system that works with both in-house network solutions and cloud based systems.

The Cloud puts you in control of your system

Easy, seamless and rapid integration to the Cloud

You can remove the need for IT resource altogether and allow us to provide you with a server, back up files and IT management in the cloud. That way managers will have access to all their employee data from any PC, phone or tablet with an internet connection!

Our software can be installed to a remote cloud server and configured to be accessible only by yourselves. This provides a secure, zero-footprint, method to store employee information and collect working times from your employees.

More information on this solution can be found on our Deployment Options page.

Networked Solution

Alternatively, if your company policy is to keep software in-house, the ELF modules will operate over both Local and Wide Area Network. This way you can continue to use your existing infrastructure, but replace the employee PDA with employee tablet or smart phone.

Web Manager is supported across multiple devices

More Information

Contact our sales team for further details on our zero footprint E-Manager module, who will be able to assist in identifying the required modules that will form a system, tailored to the needs of your organisation.