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Access Control

From one Door to multiple estates managed by a single server instance - Ceequel® protects business premises, your intellectual property and your employees.

Access Control Overview


Employees swipe through the door. Access control immediately updates the fire register and includes everyone in the building.


Exceptions updated in Time & Attendance. Sarah swiped in at 09:08 but didn’t clock. Missed clocking report sent to Sarah’s Team Leader.


Sarah’s spoken to about her missed clocking, she says she was in on time. Access Control swipe says she was late. Time is taken from the time she entered the building. She was late!


Security alerted – a door has been propped open.


A visitor arrives. Their details are entered on to the system and an ID card provided by the receptionist. They immediately go into the fire register. The host is automatically notified by email that their guest is now on site and waiting in reception.


Fire Alarm Sounds – ALL OUT! The doors automatically release allowing free-flow, so that people can evacuate the building unhindered. Fire marshals proceed to their muster points. Reaching into their pockets they take out their mobile phones. The fire register has already been forwarded to their devices. No waiting in a burning building for network printers!!! Everyone is on the list and accounted for, including visitors and contractors.


Fire Brigade have been and confirmed a false alarm, the doors have been kept open by Ceequel Access Control to ensure the fire brigade can obtain access to all areas of the building. Doors are reset (one click) by security and back to being controlled by Ceequel Access Control Software.


Afternoon Shift Starts – Greame is back from his sickness. Immediately on entering the door, a return to work notification has been generated and sent to his Team Leader for completion. It includes his Bradford Factor Points and once completed - immediately updates the HR system with the correct information.


The visitor leaves the building and as they hand in their visitor’s badge, they are removed from the fire register. It’s a real-time system updating movements and fire registers throughout the day.


Office staff leave for the day. The fire register is updated and doors to the key areas, such as Finance Office, HR and Server room are now out of bounds and protected by Ceequel Access Control.


Afternoon shift workers leave the site. Access Control updates the fire register and the security office indicator board details that the only people left on-site are security personnel.


All quiet on-site. Ceequel self generates the required reports – Contractor reports to Operations detailing who has been on-site, for how long and converting this into detailed cost analysis. Contractor compliance is key to this company. Denied access reports are sent through to HR, detailing individuals who have attempted to gain access to areas within the company their permissions don’t allow. Reporting within Ceequel Access Control can self-generate and be distributed to a pre-defined list of recipients at any time of the day.

It’s been an average day for Ceequel Access Control and other than a door being closed, a visitor being greeted and a click of a mouse – to rest the doors after a fire alarm, Ceequel Access Control has fully protected your business, kept everyone safe and automatically produced the right information for the right people, at the right time.

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