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HR are all sat at their desks, Ceequel has notified them that Neil has completed an RTW (return to Work), a quick check within Ceequel HR Pro and there it is fully completed. It would be – you only need to enter information into one Ceequel module and it’s immediately visible in all others.


Interview Time, Tina prints out the job description from Ceequel HR Pro. The job description includes all training and skill-set required for the job. It makes interviewing easy as interviews can be tailored around matching an applicant’s skills – to those required in the job.


Brilliant interview and candidate offered on the spot. Quickly begin entering the candidates’ basic information on the system. Go to mail merge and select the offer letter and contract templates. Print and all done!


A request comes in from the MD’s office. The board would like to have a gender pay gap report, but it must also include an ethnic minority report and data around age, length of service and pay. “Can you collate that information in the next two weeks?” HR is asked. They can create that information in the next 5 minutes. Ceequel HR Pro has a bespoke report writer which enables any data contained within any cell to be included in a report. More so, that report can be saved and can auto run with various dates whenever it’s required.


It’s that time of year when annual appraisals are coming up. It’s dreaded! At least it used to be. Now the company has Ceequel HR Pro, they can ask Employees to complete their appraisals within Ceequel Employee Self Service. Once complete, Managers can go through the appraisal and enter their information directly within Ceequel HR Pro. Whilst in the appraisal, the Manager can reference monthly KPI’s obtain discussion data directly from within Ceequel Shop Floor Data Capture, complete development plans by immediately requesting training from within the training course section. And all without a piece of paper in sight.


Ceequel sends an email reminder. Terry’s fork-lift certification is coming up for annual renewal, it’s time to book him on a course. It’s a waste of time and money having the training company come into teach one person, so a quick check within Ceequel HR Pro training section – as to how many peoples training is due up in the next 90 days and it highlights another 3 people. Another great money saving initiative.


A new starter has just dropped off their signed contract of employment. HR quickly update the persons’ information within Ceequel HR Pro and the person is now already in Ceequel Time and Attendance ready for their start day. At the same time, Ceequel has emailed the new employees Manager (informing them he’s starting), Training (who will be carrying out their induction) and IT as they will require a new domain log on.


An argument has turned nasty on the shop floor and has resulted in someone being aggressive. Both parties are taken to the HR offices to be interviewed. There’s no option but to suspend both until a full investigation is complete. The employees leave the site. As it’s looked down upon if a company takes an ID card from a suspended employee - HR go into Ceequel and one click removes their permissions from within Access Control.


A quick report run and Ceequel HR Pro indicates it’s time to send out eye test update letters. There’s no need to waste money on printing letters on to paper, HR creates the letter via a stored template and opts to distribute by email and publish them to peoples document section within Employee Self Service.

Ceequel HR Pro has been created to support HR teams within every company. Information is shared instantaneously through all modules, eliminating the necessity of double keying data. A fantastic mail merge tool will simplify the creation of letters and as long as there is data in the fields, companies can create their own reports containing any data as often as they so wish.

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